descending bass line

A friend and I had a jam last night. He played me a few of his own songs and I dug a lot of the chords. He has what I call “magic” chords he throws into his songs quite tastefully. He doesn’t obsess about them and repeat them. They just find a place in the flow and find their own way home. There’s a few other tricks I am learning from him like vibrato on emotional key phrases and also the rearranged chord sequence as preludes to codas. One his more intriguing chord diversions he admitted came from a Pentangle performance he was rather taken with. Think John Renbourn and his medieval sound and you might be able to hear the beguiling Am/F interventions he used.

One of his songs had this lovely opening lick in 6/8 that moved the G shape up to a C and then onto a barred partial D doubling as a Bm. I ran it in my head about three or four times because I knew it from somewhere. He sang it low but I knew from memory another song approached it in a higher register. As we boiled the kettle for some coffee it came to me. it was Gene Clark’s “Spanish Guitar” a song Dylan said he loved and which also displays the use of “magic” chords in traditional structure. Song starts at 3:43 and is actually a variation of the chords he used. Funny thing memory!

Eventually we tapered off with a study of the descending bass line he had just used in one of his songs. I asked him if he knew Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home”. He duly obliged.

It was as if we were back at some 1970s party! I said that Minnie Ripperton’s “Les Fleurs” does a similar thing:

and the ultimate variation on this theme would be Parliament’s “Placebo Syndrome” from Funkentelechy v The Placebo Syndrome.

Difficult one to play on guitar though!

As we took a break I was playing Brian Protheroe’s “Pinball” in Dm7 and he showed me a nicer feel in Am7 with open chord shapes. As he played I was reminded of the way he plays Steppenwolf’s “The Pusher”.

A similar open chord pattern climb seems to crop up in the middle of John Martyn’s “May You Never” but we stopped reminiscing at that point before we started retuning the guitars. I spent the rest of the evening listening to Pentangle and early John Martyn while reading a book called “Regulating Society – Bohemians, Beguines and Marginals”.

Polton and the Psychic Homecoming

Polton to me was a name on old maps out with the city I lived in. It sounded similar to Pilton here in the North, an area my family lived in and which was a psychic landmark on my childhood for good and ill. Because of industrial changes the traditional industries around villages like Polton had collapsed and communities drifted into the cities for work leaving these areas as quiet memorials to former times. For this reason there was no reason to go there and experience the place. It was merely a name on the map between here and there. As a child I had the odd fascination with marginal and peripheral concepts. Mysteries must be found there. Yet this place still had no hard evidence to draw me to it. I didn't even know what bus went there. I didn't even know what the larger towns near it meant. Loanhead, Lasswade.

My father and his friends did. They would often do building or construction work in these places. Very often the industrial estates where the materials were collected and stored were in these areas. My father's generation knew the long roads and tracks out of town to these places. They knew the newer roads built past and through them too. Very often they helped construct them in some way. If there was any pub of significance in these places or a reputable Social Club then there was even more of a draw.

Even the southern parts of the city that gave outlets to these places were shadowy regions to me. Southhouse, Burdiehouse, Gilmerton. Former villages swallowed up into the urban collective. I knew people who moved to houses in these areas when I was a child. I visited them as if I was going abroad on bus journeys longer than an hour. We would take sandwiches. I came home with fleas and a feeling that it was very like where I had come from but the light was different. Irvine Welsh would later use the reference to a distant relative moving out to one of these peripheral estates to imply estrangement and difference in the Mind of the parochial characters of the North; someone who had left their roots but hadn't quite made it out of town. They just went to a worse part of it.

It was in the shadow of a range of hills called the Pentlands that defines South-West Edinburgh for me. It's a vision thing. I often have dreams where I skirt some hilly terrain in winter on a single track on a single-decker bus and it is lonely and cold and approaching dangerous breakdown. It is obviously residue of the long trip home by coach on Shetland from Lerwick to Hillswick, sometimes the only one on the bus and the endless dangerous hill routes often in cold winter. Rum, Guinness and other intoxicants often lit the passenger's way. The sighting of a light on a dark afternoon in the Voes and Vales, in the folds of the rolling landscape of the mind made it hypnagogic. So these dreams signal psychic framing for me for internal dramas and narratives and concepts; in the damp shadows of the hill. And so the south west when one arrives in it displays this vista. Is this a psychic homecoming?

Later I find through genealogy that Irish immigrant ancestors lived and worked in Loanhead when the mines were thriving. So until very recently I was still staring at the maps of the south west and wondering. I lived for a while in the South East and travels and explorations often stayed within the direction and fall of that arrow. The arrival of a car made longer trips possible and the internet threw information around like no one's business and suddenly I had all the books and sources in my living room to plan and forge different travels and adventures. Polton still was not yielding any new information at this point. I explored the roads out to the South East to ancestors in Berwickshire and Lauder. I even went directly south towards Stow and Midlothian and more recent members of my father's lineage. As the trail brought me to Gorebridge I could feel a light to tug to look West where as of that point none of my antecedents had left trails.

The one time I had encountered Polton in the past was when a bunch of mad stoners and I decided to cycle out to Roslin Chapel and then cycle up the River Esk path past Wallace's cave to see where it ended. We were like Hobbits on wheels diving and dipping through the dingley dell. At the end we met a thicket of wild weedage; a bit like ourselves. Sharp brambles had to be cut through with bikes above us to gain access to the final ledge. As we reached the top of the climb and peered over we were in some post apocalyptic sand dune which was festooned with darting flights of alien birds later identified as Sand Martins. I noted this experience in memory banks for later reference and as we sought a way back to some path back to Edinburgh we found ourselves in the ambiguous dusk light of suburban Polton. I think we chained the bikes and got on a bus to come back later with a car.

It was only recently in some random happenstance that the light was shone on this place. I had been investigating something on Googlemaps after peering over a woodland called Pepper Wood at Kirkliston. Part of my trip had been to an old military building called Craigiehall Temple by Cammo. I think I was drawn to look back over references to Inverlair Lodge in the Highlands of Scotland where it is rumoured that the inspiration for the Village in The Prisoner TV series originates. I think I then went planning another trip, looking for Pishwanton Wood and a few other things which are still in the Southern aspect of Edinburgh. Somehow during these musings and perusing, par hasard my Googlemaps cursor went walkies by itself and landed in another part of the map. As I was in street view, I was surprised and fascinated by the wild bending single track road in the shade of glowering woodland that I was staring at. As I followed the road while checking the terrain on a map, I became more beguiled and eventually rather excited at the walled area that came up before my eyes. Looking on the map it seemed to be an estate of some measure with a few large Houses present. I looked them up on wikipedia and then found the odd story of Mavisbank House.

A week or two later I am in thrall to a biography of Thomas De Quincey, relating tales of where he lived to people I am in conversation with who were present for the Festival Book readings I attended near the magical Bristo area of Edinburgh where De Quincey once had lodgings. Mavisbank, I thought....that name is familiar. As I read more into De Quincey's psychic resurrection from his addiction in his late 50s, I remember and discover that he had a cottage near Polton called Mavis Bush Cottage or sometimes Mavisbank Cottage. I checked out the GoogleMap references to the winding road near Mavisbank House and down into the River Esk valley and then further up the hill toward Polton Village, where on a bend is De Quincey's House. Down in the river valley is the beginning of a path called The Cast ,which has in its middle the sand dunes I had witnessed many years ago traipsing up from Roslin with the cyclists on some narcotic derive!

A long investigation into the area and its potential is now unfolding. I discover that there is a Bowling Club and when I ask my uncle, no mean font of wisdom on lost Edinburgh, he immediately tells me he used to go there to play bowls. I eventually drive out to feel the lay of the land and whether it is car friendly. This will be a combination job I think. De Quincey would regularly walk to his publisher's Blackwoods in Edinburgh from out here in Polton and Loanhead. I think I will cycle this. The private Estates will be on foot. Already there is a strange creative derive affording random imagery from online research and physical witness. Strangely covered reservoirs, random woodland plantations, wildlife ponds, equestrian schools....

There is far more to this than meets the eye or beckons the ear or even tingles the toes. In editing, I will recall further tangents and strands in the quilted dream interface of the nocturnal fire-tending of ideas and inspirations and interactions with the songings and longings of the dark and not so silent night of the soul. Stay Tuned!

The Great Bohemian Songbook

Great Facebook radio Show part Three!

 Society movie   - Trailer

 Racing Cars - They Shoot Horses Don`t They
 The Trammps - Hold Back The Night
 The Band of Holy Joy - Route to Love
 'The Misfits' - The Wooden Tops
 The Passions - I'm in love with a German film star  
 Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance 
 Paul McCartney - Venus and Mars / Spirits of ancient Egypt
 Partial To Your Abracadabra - Paul Mccartney
 mos def - brown sugar
 Listen To What The Man Said - Paul McCartney - Digital Remix
 Free- I'll Be Creepin
 George Clinton and The Parliaments  (Part )
 Pilot - Magic - 
 Parliament- The Silent Boatman
 Rare Earth with Peter Rivera - Get Ready - Edited Version
 Talking Heads - Big Business
From documentary of  London Wembley Arena show.  
 chrysalis - lacewing 
 Barbara Lewis - Hello Stranger
 Betty Moorer - Speed up
 Betty Everett - Take Me
 Bettye Swann don't take my mind
 bettye lavette-only your love can save me--
 Rolf Harris Show  - Jake The Peg BBC
 Richard Harris - Track  - Gin Buddy
Tony Romeo wrote three songs I really digDavid Cassidy's "I Am A Clown" The Partridge Family's haunting "I Think I Love You"And of course this Lou Christie beauty this never out of my head these days!
 LOU CHRISTIE - I'm Gonna Make You Mine 

The Last Bohemians The Two Roberts - Colquhoun and MacBryde by Roger Bristow  Tosh (Los Angeles, CA)'s review of The Spiv and the Architect Unruly Life in Postwar London Academic yes, but still full of life in its history. London can never be a dull subject, and when you add the post-war world of Gay Men in a new world - 

 The Beatles - Let it Be - Two of Us - Quem foi Charles Hawtrey, o nome citado por Lennon
 The Shadows - Man of Mystery  
 The Millennium - I Just Want to Be Your Friend
 Air - All I Need
 Bill Withers - use me
 Connie Francis - No Better Off
 Miracle Legion And Then
 Phase II - Reachin' (stereo) Genre Electronic Style House
 What Difference Does It Make? - The Smiths (Audio Only)
 Freeze Frame  Foxhole
 THE VERY THINGS The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes
 Ini Kamoze - Trouble you a trouble me
 Mad Professor - Asylum Dub
 Masimbabele - The Unknown Cases
 JOHNNY OSBOURNE - Purify Your Heart
 Bernt haler - My Suitor
 The Saints - (I'm) Stranded   .  
 Lou Christie - Wood Child
 Lou Christie - If My Car Could Only Talk w/ LYRICS
 Lou Christie - Self Expression (the Kids on The Street Will
 WORK TO DO - Isley Brothers
 Lou Christie - Watch Your Heart After Dark
 Lou Christie - Genesis And The Third Verse
 Lou Christie - Trapeze w/ LYRICS
 The Tammys - Egyptian Shumba
 Lightnin' Strikes - Lou Christie (Live)
 Lou Christie-She sold me Magic
 R.Stevie Moore I Still Want it
 Kate Bush - Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake ( Xmas Special)
 Skorpió-Szevasz haver-
 Syrius -Szép lányok, ne sirjatok!- (cut)
 Aria on Air - Malcolm McLaren
 bow wow wow c30 c60 c90 
 The Nosebleeds - Ain't Bin to No Music School
 The Exciters - Blowing up my mind
 Omar & Marsha Perry - Ram GoDub
 You Busted My Mind
 David Bowie - After All
 feel like making love dub version - elizabeth archer & the equators
 Winston Scotland - Power Skank
 Wayne Cochran & The C C Riders - Circles
 Vampires of Dartmoore - Dance of the Vampires
 Fontana  - Dora Bryan - Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Seven
 The Millennium - Karmic Dream Sequence #
 See Dawn Bobby Jameson 

"In the afterword of The Tipping Point, Gladwell described a "maven trap" as a method of obtaining information from mavens. In the book he gave the example of the toll-free telephone number on the back of a bar of Ivory soap, which one could call with questions or comments about the  product. Gladwell's opinion is that only those who are passionate or knowledgeable about soap would bother to call and that this is a method by which the company could inexpensively glean valuable information about their market." Maven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from the Hebrew, via Yiddish, and means one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge.[]

 R. Stevie Moore - I Go Into Your Mind  
 The Chrysanthemums 'He's Had His Bears'
 Lady June  - Everythingsnothing/Tunion
From Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy  with Kevin Ayers and Brian Eno
 The Poets - That's the Way It's Got to Be 
 The Poets - Now We're Thru 
 The Poets - I've Got Two Hearts
The (American) Poets' northern soul floor filler. Their other classic was of course SHE BLEW A GOOD THING.
 Ramases and Selket - Mind's Eye
 ram and sel - screw you ''
 Alan Bown All Along The Watchtower
 Los Bravos-Bring A Little Lovin´
 The Neat Change - I Lied To Auntie 
 Rolling Stones 'SWAY'
Mick Taylor ascends bodily to Blues Rock Valhalla. Also featuring one of the other Mick's great vocals. String section arranged by Paul Buckmaster whose place in music history is guaranteed by his Great Work on this and 'Moonlight Mile', Elton John's 'Take Me To The Pilot' and many others.
 D.R. Hooker - Weather Girl
 Alan Bown Set - Emergency 
 Pantherman by Pantherman Glamrock Nederglam 
 The Zoo Gang - Intro.
 The Man Who Found God On The Moon / Mike McGear
 Dead Can Dance - Ocean
 Lesley Duncan - Love Song (Original version)
From the compilation album called "Gather In The Mushrooms - The British Acid Folk Underground ( - )". A wonderful song by Lesley Duncan in its best version.
 Ringo Starr - "Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond)"
 Ringo Starr - "Blindman" B-side single "Back Off Boogaloo" 
 Bob Seger and The Last Heard - Heavy Music
 How Lovely To Be A Woman Ann-Margret in Bye Bye Birdie.
 Link Wray - Fire and Brimstone 
 John Lennon Goodnight Vienna 
 Emma Rede - I Gotta Be With You
Emma Rede (actually Irish-born Jackie Lee of 'White Horses' and 'Rupert' fame) sings this number which is a ballad popular on the Northern Soul circuit,the "B" side to her single 'Just Like a Man'.
 Viv Albertine - The False Heart
 Gary Clail - Two thieves and a liar
 Viv Albertine - If Love
 jackie lee - love is now
Another rarity from the great Jacky Lee. A long way from White Horses and Rupert The Bear. Theme song by Patrick John Scott for late s soft porn trash, "Loving.Feeling" Its directed by Norman J. Warren and is about the love life of some radio DJ. ...
 ike and tina turner - nutbush city 
 The Velvet Underground - Run Run Run
 Jerry Naylor - City Lights
 The Mixtures - The Pushbike Song [totp]
 Have A Whiff On Me by Mungo Jerry 
 The Mynah Birds - I've Got You In My Soul – 
featuring Neil Young and Rick James
 Subway Sect-Nobody`s Scared
 Lhasa - Fool's Gold (Live In Montreal)
 A Guy Called Gerald -"Boase Up" ( Jungle/DnB Classic)
 alice designs - the sugarbeats apparently another Tandyn Almer 
 Kate Bush - Them Heavy People
Kate dances while Japanese singers mangle "Them Heavy People" from her debut album, "The Kick Inside"
 The Beach Boys -It's About Time
 The Beach Boys - Only with you
 Slip On Through, the Beach Boys
 The Beatles Blue Jay Way (Remastered)
 The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band. Spreadin Honey
 oum kalthoum en egypte et au maroc par la BBC
 Sister keyrouz - Marie
 I Just Don't Understand• (Ann-Margret )
 Dennis Wilson and Rumbo - Sound Of Free
 The Beach Boys - Be With Me
 The Beach Boys - Little Bird
 Kate Bush - Breathing Live
 Kate Bush - Get Out Of My House vs The Shining
 Paul McCartney- Band on the Run
 Lou Reed Live Olympia Paris ,
 Walk On The Wild Side , Heroin and White Light, White heat
 Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze - Live Berkeley
 Doc Scott - Far Away
 Miles Davis - In a Silent Way/It's About That Time/In a Silent Way (/)
 linda perhacs - parallelograms
 Persephone's Jive / Neil Ardley
From"Greek Variations" Neil ArdleyDirector Ian CarrTrumpet, Flugelhorn B.SmithTen.Sax / Sop.Sax C.SpeddingGuitar J.ClyneBass J.MarshallDrums
  Manfred Mann in Venus In Furs
Some music from the Jess franco film Venus in Furs
 Manfred Mann Chapter 3  -Mister You're A Better Man Than I
Julie Tippetts ex-Brian Auger And The Trinity with  of my favorite songs fom her  solo effort SUNSET GLOW
 Julie Tippetts - Mind Of A Child from album SUNSET GLOW (Utopia )
Julie Tippetts voice & piano Keith Tippett harmonium, arrangement Brian Godding guitar Mark Charig cornet Elton Dean alto saxophone Nick Evans trombone
 Bonnie Prince Billy - Strange Form Of Life
 Junior Walker Live London The Ram Jam Club  
 Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith  
 Funky President (People It's Bad) - James Brown [Original Speed Master]
 T - Rex - The Slider
 Les Fleurs - Minnie Ripperton
 Parliament - funkentelechy vs the placebo syndrome
 P-Funk commercial - Funkentelechy
 The Saints - Do The Robot
 the table-do the standing still early punk rock from the virgin sampler " lp
 James Brown covers The Beatles - Something  
This is a rare B-side of  rpm "Think" that James Brown recorded
 on Polydor Records. .
 The Now - Into The '80s
 David Bowie - Future Legend
 Middle Of The Road - "Soley Soley"
 Rubettes - I Can Do It
 The Beatles – Something Rare Promo Vid.
 IVY GREEN - I'm sure we're gonna make it - 
 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - I Say A Little Prayer - Live 
 Mark E Smith on Edinburgh - Granada Tonight //
 the roulettes - long cigarette
 The Watersons " Foot Trailer" ( Doc.)
 arabian dub - ali baba riddim - john holt treasure isle records  Independent Lens . NEGROES WITH GUNS Rob Williams and Black Power . Radio Free Dixie | PBS From a recording studio in Havana, Cuba, Rob and Mabel Williams broadcast music of the African American freedom movement and gave voice to the ongoing fight against racial oppression. Listen to songs and show excerpts from “Radio Free Dixie “

 Burning Spear - The Ghost
 Jónsi - Go Do (HD)
 Gorillaz - Stylo feat. Bobby Womack & Mos Def
 Suzy Q - Dale Hawkins  rpm record!    
"Flash" - Marquis of Kensington  
Marquis of Kensington "Flash" Genre Funk/Soul, Jazz Style Jazz-Funk, Disco  Producer Mike Leander Covered in  by Italian musician Mario Battaini under the name The Duke of Burlington.
 Elephant's Memory - Mongoose
 Brian Eno and Snatch "R.A.F." B side to "King's Lead Hat". UK Polydor  .
 Eno. Seven Deadly Finns. 
 Tim Buckley - Sweet Surrender
 Elliott Smith-Oh Well, Okay
 Elliott Smith - No Name #
 Give It to Me Now--Bay City Rollers
 Joan Armatrading - Bottom to the top
 JOHN CALE - "Paris " live the Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands
 Save the People- Bruce Ruffin
 Bruce Ruffin - mad about you
 Gil Scott-Heron - "Me And The Devil" 
 City Of Birmingham Symphony Orch.. - Foulds   3 Mantras Op.b ..
 Francoise Hardy - Tiny Goddess
 John Foulds (-)  - England (Impressions of Time and Place) 
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Sakari Oramo
  Savage Rose - My Family Was Gay
 ohio express sausalito
 FRABJOY & RUNCIBLE SPOON ---- Animal song
UK psychedelia ----  became  10 CC with GODLEY & CREME 
 Moonship Journey / Sun Ra From"Cosmos"
 Gil Scott Heron - Message to the Messengers
 John Dankworth. Return From Ashes
 Join Together - The Who
 Hudson-Ford - Pick Up The Pieces   
Chi Lites ` Stoned Out Of My Mind`
 10 cc Worst Band in the World
 Jeff Wayne The War of the Worlds - Thunderchild
The Escorts profile Genyo "Goldie" Zelkowitz (Lead
 Outta Space by Billy Preston
  Chicago by Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young. 
 Tom Lehrer - So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III) - spoken intro - 
 Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show - Sylvia's Mother
 Mud - Flower Power   .
 ritchie, paul & the cryin shames - come on back .
 The Calico Wall - I'm A Living Sickness .
 My Friend Jack - The Smoke .
 Grapefruit - Theme for Twiggy .
 Don't Fight It by knickerbockers .
  I Got The Best Of You by Jimmy Walker .
 I'm Gonna Take You There by Dave Berry .
 Can't You hear My Heartbeat by Goldie and The Gingerbreads .
 Sea Of Tears by Goldebriars .
 I Get Carried Away by Jerry Fuller .
 Where Do We Go From Here by Jimmy Walker .
 Just A Fool by Jerry Ganey . 
 Barbara Lewis - Fool Fool Fool .
 I Wanna Be Committed by Sweet    
 Bay City Rollers Yesterdays Hero Midnight Special
 I Wanna Be Committed - The Sweet
 Everything's Tuesday-Chairmen Of The Board-
 Peggy Sue - Lazarus
 The Supremes In & Out of Love
 Grace Jones - Unlimited Capacity for Love
 The Psychedelic Furs She Is Mine
 The Hot Chocolate Band - Give Peace A Chance
 The Delfonics - Didn't I ( Blow Your Mind This Time )
 Hey! Elastica – Eat Your Heart Out  
  Our Love (Will Never Falter) eddie Bo
 Lee Dorsey - Who  .wmv
 Lee Dorsey - Occapella
 freda payne-unhooked generation
 Comus - The Herald pt

 Dr. Terror´s House of Horrors "Main Theme"  an Amicus Production with Peter Cushing as Dr. Schreck ( Terror )  Mary Lutyens

 Talking Heads Drugs
 Miracle Legion - Sailors and Animals Me and Mr. Ray 
 The Four Seasons - The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette – American Crucifixion Resurrection
 Four Seasons - Silver Star    
 Gene Clark - So you say you lost your baby
 Garrison's Gorillas Theme Music
 Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Boston Tea Party  
 Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Hard times come again no more
 Kate & Anna McGarrigle  Complainte Pour St Catherine
 Raquel Welch Space-Girl Dance An excerpt from Raquel! 
 the Daylighters- Oh Mom Teach Me How To Uncle Willie
 Classic Soul - Al Green - "You Ought To Be With Me" - Live
 Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes "WAKE UP EVERYBODY" 

 From family guy

 The Shangri-Las - Remember Walking In The Sand
 Roe, Tommy - It's Now Winters Day on rpm vinyl  
 Bernadette Castro Get Rid Of Him
 Jerry Ganey ------------ You Don't Love Me
 Dawn Penn No No No You Dont Love Me
 Jerry Ganey Who Am I  
 NIno Tempo&  perform "All Strung Out" on a popular ''s TV dance show.
   Mothers of Invention - Trouble Comin' Everyday
 Jackie Lee & The Raindrops - The loco-motion  
 Langley Schools Music Project - "Calling Occupants"  
 Charles Ives "They Are There!"
 Lou Reed - Sweet Jane from the 'take no prisoners tour' 
 The BeatNigs – Television drug of a nation.
 Peggy Lee (Lover)
Peggy Lee sings one of her big hits, "Lover" from the  film "The Jazz Singer."

 The White Horses TV Series "start sequence"

 Lhasa - Rising (Official Video)
 NANCY HOLLOWAY  Don't make me over .  
 the olympics - i'll do a little bit more
  "Would You Believe" --- Jackie Lee (Mirwood) 
  "Do The Temptation Walk" and "The Bounce" by Jackie Lee
 barbarella's song as written by michel magne and sung by jackie lee
 Giant Crab - The Three Best Songs from COMES FORTH
Here are the three best tunes from the debut album by the mysterious Giant Crab, A GIANT CRAB COMES FORTH, released on UNI Records in  ) "It Started with a Little Kiss" )   "Believe It or Not" ) ...
 Rick Nelson - Summertime
 Blues MaGoos-We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet (NYC)
(+) investigating the Black Night riff on the way to a love for The Blues Magoos guitar player  Nuggets from the Liverpool Five (Part )
 The Monks Live in Germany - Monk Chant    
 Don Covay --- It's Better To Have
 Honey Cone - Want Ads 
 Marvin Gaye-T Plays It Cool
 Jimi Hendrix Shotgun Live  Night Train Backing Buddy & Stacey.
 Oldest Known Film Footage of Jimi Hendrix Playing Guitar  

 Scottish Television start-up sequence   Here is the proper Scottish Television start-up sequence containing Scotlandia. Enjoy wallowing in this nostalgia!!!!
 The London Perambulator - short clip - Will Self, Russell Brand, Iain Sinclair This is a snippet from the documentary - The London Perambulator Next screening - Cine-City Brighton th   http//

   Morricone by Blue Haired Girl    
 The Five Stairsteps performing "O-o-h Child" on Soul Train
 Ennio Morricone - Humanity (Movie Version) The Thing OST
 MARVIN GAYE Dont mess with mister T from TROUBLE MAN    
Marvin Gaye - Time to get it together
 Marvin Gaye - A Funky Space Reincarnation  
 Blue Xmas (To Whom It  Concern)
 Tony Orlando & Dawn sing Knock Three Times
 Robert Wilson - Misty Island
 Ding Dong - George Harrison   High Quality
 The Misunderstood - Children of the Sun
 Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able
 David Bowie - Scream Like A Baby
 J Dilla star trek
 J Dilla Lazer Gunne Funke
 Love theme from Triple Cross" from the movie clip here    
 edith piaf "je hais les dimanches" original rca victor playing original
 "Hymn of the th Galaxy" RARE clip of RTF with Bill Connors on guitar     
David Bowie - Hang on to Yourself (Arnold Corns version)
 Moonage daydream (arnold corns version) David Bowie
 Stereolab - The noise of carpet
 Man in the middle / Bowie
 Devo "Whip It"
 David Bowie - Sons of the Silent Age
 (Hooked on) young stuff - Nino tempo & 5th avenue sax       
 The Fall - Prole Art Threat
 The Fall - Edinburgh Man
 Sidra's Theme - Ronnie and Robyn
 Willie Mitchell –That Driving Beat
 Patty Duke sings the Valley of the Dolls Theme (or tries to...)
 David Bowie - Everything's Alright (Live )
 Tim Curry - Brontosaurus - Written by Roy Wood for The Move
 Farewell by Ayshea - Written and Produced by Roy Wood
 Roy Wood - Forever
 Killing Joke Frenzy  ,    
 Massive Attack - Black Melt (Live - Bristol Academy )
 Johnny Nash 'There are More questions Than Answers'     
 Pharoah Sanders "Village Of The Pharoahs, Pt.1"
from his album VILLAGE OF THE PHAROAHS - IMPULSE, .     
 Jukies' Ball - Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks
 Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks I Scare Myself Original Recordings    
 lucy lawless - an old cowhand
 Bill Oddie - I Can't Get Through.wmv

 Public Service Broadcasts
Tufty - Playing near the road   Tufty and his mummy dont want YOU to play near the road. It's just not safe!    
Tufty - Shopping   - Public Information Film Always stay close to mummy when you are out shopping with her!
 Milton e Lô - Clube da Esquina nº  (Instrumental)
 Rosa Passos- E Luxo So
 Joyce - Misterios
 B-52's dirty back road Give Me Back my Man by The B-'52s
 Kraftwerk - Showroom Dummies
 Killing Joke - Bloodsport (East Side Club ..)
 "Mountains (live)" Music Video by Prince
 Prince - Mountains/Shake Your Body
 IT'S BEEN SO LONG- George Mcrae-
 Iggy & The Stooges - Kill City - Live 
 DORY PREVIN - Beware of Young Girls  
 DORY PREVIN - Doppelganger      
 Helen Reddy Angie baby
 I Can See Only You by Small Circle of Friends
One of the most beautiful songs to come out of the sunshine pop era of music. Released by Roger Nichols and Small Circle of Friends on their  A&M album, this shows the complexity of the genre and the sheer brilliance of Roger Nichols songwriting. ...
 David Bowie Glastonbury Festival  Acoustic The Supermen
 Brian Eno "King's Lead Hat"
 Marc Bolan & Tyrannosaurus Rex – Cat Black [Two Versions]
 Swans - Failure

 Voyage to the End of the Universe ~ Opening Credits Voyage to the End of the Universe is the re-cut and dubbed version of the Czech film Ikarie XB . Unfortunately, there are two big sections which are only in cropped fullscreen while the rest is widescreen.

 Quasimoto - Come on Feet
 Quasimoto - Shroomusic
 Jellyfish - Russian Hill
 Joan As Police Woman - The Ride
 Augie March  - The Drowning Dream    
 Stevie Wonder - All Day Sucker

 Andras Fox - Three Girls Disco edit by Melbourne producer Andras Fox. Visuals from Mark Leckey's film "Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore"
 miike snow "black & blue"

 Dwight Frye - Flies! (Dracula - ) "Flies?? Flies??!! Poor, puny things! Who wants to eat flies?!?"

 new order - your silent face (live )
 Bob Marley and The Wailers live Gabon - running away   
 Mick Harvey - The Carnival Is Over
 Anita Lane - Do That Thing
 Anita Lane - Sugar In Hurricane
 Gershon Kingsley - Popcorn
 kraftwerk - antenna
 Burial - Fostercare
 Tim Curry "Street Signs" Rock Follies'
 Nobody Told Me - Demo - John Lennon Demo
made in early  for Ringo's L.P "Can't fight lightning" [Stop And Smell The Roses]  
 i love everybody - Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart    
 Alice Cooper - Gutter CAT vs The Jets/Street Fight 
 Glitter Band - Angel Face - Live Performance
 Blackfoot Sue - Standing in the road 
 Instant Karma - John lennon
 The Slits "New Town"
 Little Dragon - Feather (From their album "Machine Dreams") with lyrics
 The Shots , Keep A Hold To What You've Got
The Smoke before they were the Smoke and apparently contracted to The Kray Twins - part of the Morgan Town collection  
 The Creation - Making Time
 Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band Fixing A Hole ft. Max Romeo    
 Easybeats - Music Goes Round My Head
 Rembetiko  kaigomai-kaigomai
A song scene from the  movie "Rembetiko" by Costas Ferris.
 Reflections - Funk Brothers / Supremes - Instrumental
 There's A Pawnshop On A Corner In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
 Kraan - Vollgas Ahoi 
 Grace Jones - Slave to the Rhythm (Live in Paris)
 Peter Whitehead Footage Featuring Pink Floyd "Interstellar Overdrive" Cliff Richard - Throw Down A Line 
 Fire - Father`s Name Is Dad
 DONOVAN- Epistle To Dippy
 Portishead - Sour Times
 The Left Banke - Walk Away Renee -  RPM - ORIGINAL MONO Version
 Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't no mountain high enough
 Chicago -State Of The Union /Chicago Live from Tokyo, Japan.    
 Serge Gainsbourg-La Horse Serge with J.C Vannier,
 The Cyrkle - Kites     
  'Chicago- Mother "Live" ' on YouTube    
 CHICAGO- Questions  &   (Paris )

 "piss for peace" John Lennon talks about the New World Order    

 Bright Lights And You Girl by Tom Jones
 who are you trying to fool (instro) - dave hamilton band  
 John Lennon - I Found Out - With Lyrics
This is taken from the Dublin gig on Nov st. It is probably the best new Blue Nile song for instant classic...It starts off with a bit of banter with the crowd for around a half  minute,while the vidoe footage isn't fabulous the audio is very listenable..enjoy this exclusive
Again from the Vicar St Show in Dublin Grenew song by the blue nile... God knows if these will ever even be released 
 Yesterday's Obsession - The Phycle
 Echo And The Bunnymen - My White Devil
 Angels and Devils the b side of Silver
 Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit -   Le Gibet (Perlemuter)
I noticed this piece was used as the soundtrack to the Beatles nightmarish tour of The Far East in a documentary tonight. I first fell for it in the movie The Hunger. Denueve and Sarandon.
 U Roy - The Great Psalms
 I-Roy - Don't Touch I Man Locks
 I'll Remember April - Erroll Garner
 The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again (Rank album live footage)
 The Smiths - Barbarism Begins Home (Live) Broadcast on The Tube 
 Bread make it with you
 Guitar Man-Live (Album The Best Of Bread)  
 Dr. John, The Night Tripper - Zu Zu Mamou
 Picture Box Theme Haunting waltz to this much loved classic. 
 The Passage - Troops Out
 The Fall - Wolf Kidult Man (From The Basement)
 The Fall - Can Can Summer
 Sheila & The B. Devotion - Spacer (extended)    
 Spirogyra - A Canterbury Tale  From the album 'Old Boot Wine'.   
 Dennis Olivieri - I Cry In The Morning to YouTube
 Geeshie Wiley - Last Kind Words
 Kenny Lynch - Poof!
I think this was Kenny's BEST one, just my opinion, don't through stones!    
Delfonics La La Means I Love You LIVE (Delphonics) .  
 The Peddlers - Walk on the Wild Side
Resident band "Expresso Bongo" writer, Wolf Mankowitz' Pickwick Club
 Rudy A Message To You - The Locomotive  
 Paul McCartney - C-Moon
  Michel Polnareff - Petite, petite to YouTube    
 Fontaine & Areski - Ca va faire un hit ! RARETE  (OPTION STEREO)
 Linda Perhacs - Chimacum Rain
Obscure psychedelic folk singer Linda Perhacs released her only album Parallelograms in  to scant notice or sales. Perhacs' album was rediscovered by record enthusiasts and grew in popularity with the rise of the New Weird America movement. ...    
 CC-Lab Vashti Bunyan From Here to Before
 This Mess We Keep Reshaping, by FOUND
 Blue Mink Vs The Hollies - Gasoline Alley Bred
 The Nerves - Hanging On The Telephone, Original version 
 Neon Bottles EP 
 Psychic Youth - The Future Now 
 Units - Digital Stimulation
 Bill Fay-Some Good Advice
 Rolling Stones Waiting On A Friend
Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, Nov./Dec. 1972#
  Found. - Mullokian
  Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk  
 A certain ratio- forced laugh
 Amália Rodrigues - Ave-Maria Fadista e outros fados
  Peter Warlock -- The Curlew (Music for William Butler Yeats Poems) 
 Balulalow by Peter Warlock sung by the Choir of King's College,
 Pink Industry - creaking doors
 Gesualdo Death for Five Voices /
 I'm Spartacus (Ext. Length)
 Gil Bernal - The Next Train Out 
 S E E D S - Pus hing Too Hard
 watched the incredibly tripped out sixties UK psychodrama "Herostratus" last night and  now tracing the line between The Sugarbeats through Grapefruit to The Only Ones .
 Beatles - It's All Too Much - original longer mixed
 Alice Cooper - No More Mr Nice Guy
 Marc Bolan "lofty skies"    Marc Bolan And T.Rex - Chariot Choogle
  Stavely Makepeace - Slippery Rock s 
 Royalettes - It's Gonna Take A Miracle 

   Biff Rose on The Smother's Brother's show,
 Best known for writing "Fill Your Heart" recorded by David Bowie. Another track "Molly" is a great song Myrtle's Pies

 Evie Sands - I Can't Let Go
  alice designs - the sugarbeats t
 "Little Girl Lost & Found" by The Garden Club  
Written by Tandyn Almer, performed by Ruthann Friedman and Tom Shipley from Brewer and Shipley. On "Soft Sounds for Gentle People ". http//    "little miss muffet she knows how to rough it, she's been on her own ever since she was nine"  
 SIX-FIVE Special   - part of -- Jackie Dennis 
 Connie Francis - No Better Off
 Talking Heads - Live in Rome  -  Born Under Punches -Lud Heat Poet Iain Sinclair takes us on a psychogeographical force-field trip through the mysteries of Whitechapel and the Hawksmoor churches. Paul Green introduces this unique tape. ,  

  Lhasa de Sela - Anywhere on This Road    
 STORMY GAYLE -"Flipsville" (?)    
 Brian Jones - The Pied Piper - Ruby tuesday instrumental
An instrumental version of the Rolling stones classic "ruby tuesday" Introduction by Tom Petty
 Little miss muffet Read by Crispin Glover Visit http// for more stories and activities free! 


 Another tuning is called "troll tuning" (A-E-A-C?). Troll tuning is used for the fanitullen tunes, also called the devil's tunes; in the Valdres district of Norway, using this particular tuning is called "greylighting", a reminder ththe fiddler tuned his fiddle like this when the morning was near, and he had played himself through a number of other tunings. Legend had it that the fiddler learned fanitullen tunes from the devil. This tuning limits the melodic range of the tunes, and is therefore sparsely used.    

 Why Should I Love You ~ Kate Bush (Demo)
  Bob & Gene (I Can Be Cool) on YouTube
    george clinton atomic dog (instrumental) 
  Ruthless Rap Assassins - Justice
 Socio-Genetic Experiment - The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
 Public Image Ltd - Rise
 Edwyn Collins - A girl like you

 Dust bunny - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dust bunnies (dustbunnies) are small clumps of dust thform under furniture and in corners thare not cleaned regularly. They are made of hair, lint, dead skin, dust, and sometimes light rubbish and debris, and are held together by static electricity and felt-like-entanglement. ...  

 Captain Beefheart - Click Clack Live in Paris    
 Delaney and Bonnie with Eric Clapton 
From "The Price of Fame" television show
 Davy Graham - Cry Me A River
 Leonard Cohen - Paper Thin Hotel 
 Kate Bush Leave it open  .  
 Burial - Ghost Hardware Producer Boemtjak
 robin williamson - begadjies - mirrorman's sequences
The semi-spoken, semi-musical Mirrorman Sequences, released in, was a rambling, Kerouac-inspired, backward glance Williamson's pre and early ISB days and is a remarkable work of truth and fiction.    
 Clara (St Kitts Woman) Taj Mahal
 Kate Bush - How To Be Invisible
 Mary Love-Baby I'll Come
 Ashton,Gardener&Dyke-Resurrection Shuffle

 .the Oxford English Dictionary cites The Complaynt of Scotland as the earliest source for numerous words, including axis, barbarian, buffoon, cabinet, crackling, decadence, excrement, heroic, humid, imbecile, moo, parallel, robust, suffocation, superb, timid and water-lily.  The Complaynt of Scotland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The book is a continuation of the war of words between Scotland and England in the th century. Books in England were asserting the idea of uniting the two countries, with England  dominant, and this was an answer to these works. ...    Got to love the list of dances from The Complaynt as mentioned on Scotland's Music The DancinGIsDonehttp// the fyrst, thai dancit al cristyn mennis dance, the northt of scotland, huntis vp, the comount entray, lang plfut of garian, Robene hude, thom of lyn, freris al, ennyrness, the loch of slene, the gosseps dance, leuis grene, makky, the speyde, the flail, the lammes vynde, soutra, cum kyttil me neykyt vantounly, schayke leg, fut befor gossep, Rank the rute, baglap and al, ihonne ermistrangis dance, the alman haye, the bace of voragon, dangeir, the beye, the dede dance, the dance of kylrynne, the vod and the val, schaik a trot.    

 I Feel Like Saying A Beatnik Poem  B Movie Style clip from High School Confidential

 The Associates - Skipping - Gotterdammerung 
  Exile-La Rêve du Queteux Tremblay-Pierre's Right Arm 
 Tony McManus - Exile _ La Reve du Queteux Tremblay _ Sandizan
 SAHB Hammer Song
 Ultravox! Just For A Moment
 Della Reese 'A Clock That's Got No Hands' 
 Tricky - Suffocated Love  
 Sinéad O'Connor - War (Live @ Bob Dylan Tribute)

 Tyrannosaurus Rex Salamanda Palaganda 
 Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter  23
 SEE DAWN by Bobby Jameson and Curt Boettcher
  Grizzly Bear - Knife (taken from Yellow House) 
 The Vagrant intro to YouTube   
 kiki dee - small town
 Grizzly Bear - Easier
 Cocteau Twins - Touch Upon Touch Video for a previously unreleased track
 Cocteau Twins - Why Do You Love Me | She Will Destroy You
  Cocteau Twins - Cico Buff 
 Cocteau Twins - Melonella
 devics-red morning

Albums I still listen to -  Key Lime Pie, Heaven Or Las Vegas, Dummy, Hounds of Love and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

  "Silberer concluded that the conditions necessary to produce autosymbolic phenomena were “drowsiness and an effort to think”, something familiar to most of us from our school days. The struggle of these two “antagonistic elements” elicits the autosymbolic response." = STRANGE TRANCES IN THE CLASSROOM AFTER HEAVY SCHOOL DINNERS  Hypnagogia | Articles | Features | Fortean Times UK Dozy Gary Lachman wakes from his reverie to explore the visions and brainwaves of the half-asleep. The brief transition between wakefulness and sleep we experience each night has been known by many names

 Touch - seventyfive
 The Status Quo - the Price of Love 
 ella guru  Park lake Speakers Video
 Animal Collective My Girls
 Kansas City Playboys Quittin' time northern soul classics   ,    
The Beach  Boys - Busy doin' nothin'
 The Bastard  - Catchy Theme Song
 The Changin' Times - Pied Piper  ,
 Palace Brothers - Come In,
 Hendrix - Making of Burning of the Midnight Lamp,  ,  

 "In  Daniel Defoe described a tradesman involved in the "buying of cochineal, indigo, galls, shumach, logwood, fustick, madder, and the like" as both dry-salter and salter. The Salters' Livery Company tells us that "some of the members who were salt traders were also 'Drysalters' and dealt in flax, hemp, logwood, cochineal, potashes and chemical preparations.""
As for the Haberdasher....
"The word appears in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Haberdashers were initially pedlars, sellers of small wares, such as needles, buttons, etc. The word could derive from the Icelandic haprtask 'pedlars' wares' or the sack in which the pedlar carries them. In this sense, a haberdasher (Scandinavian name) would be very close to a mercer (French name). A haberdasher would retail smallwares, the goods of the pedlar, while a mercer would specialize in "linens, silks, fustian, worsted piece-goods and bedding"."
 laurie anderson sharkey's day
 Mental Poisoning -- Weird War
 Blitzen Trapper Wild Mountain Nation
 Bon Iver - Skinny Love Live on Jools Holland.flv
 Never Had Nobody Like You - M. Ward
 Cramps - Thee Most Exalted Potentate of Love
 John Martyn - Spencer The Rover
From Transatlantic Sessions series  (/) More excellence from bipedal days of yore bass Danny Thompson fiddles Aly Bain & Jay Ungar accordion Phil Cunningham , 
The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble recently relocated from the South Side of Chicago to Queens. For more see http//

 Tony McManus - Desert Dance
 Kate Bush - Organic Acid
   Vision On Theme ( Accroche-ti Caroline! ) Claude Vasori / Caravelli 
 The Noveltones - Left Bank Two - Vision On Gallery Theme 
 Poppy Family - You Took My Moonlight Away 
 JOE GIBBS & PROFESSIONALS - 'Jubilation Dub'  
 Foster Sylvers - Misdemeanor (partial acappella) 
 The Ballad Of Tam Lin - Opening Titles and song - Pentangle
Song by The Pentangle over the opening titles of  movie starring Ava Gardner and Ian McShane  ,  
  Diseases - Michigan & Smiley (greclassic),
 Dave & Ansel Collins - Stalag ,
 Prince Far I - Natty Farmyard (Studio ) Coxsone,

Great facebook radio Show part two!

Jack Kerouac - Is There A Beat Generation? (Part II)

 Rosco Gordon - Just A Little Bit (Vee-Jay) 
 T.REX - Child Star
 Ricky Wilde - Hertfordshire Rock
 Ricky Wilde I Am an Astronaut .  
 Ricky Wilde - Teen Wave
 Going Down To Golder's Green - George Harrison Unreleased Track BILLY FURY - WONDROUS PLACE (version #)
 Marty Wilde - Bad Boy (  )
 Mike Stuart Span - Children Of Tomorrow  
 Bullet - Willpower Weak , Temptation Strong - [STEREO]
 Connie Francis - No Better Off

 Infamous Dragnet "Blue Boy" LSD scene
 The Baron Theme
 Take Three Girls UK BBC  Opening titles from the  BBC TV series starring Liza Goddard, Susan Jameson and Angela Down. The theme was 'Light Flight' by the British folk rock group Pentangle and was a British chart hit for Pentangle 
 kiki dee - on a magic carpet ride
 Sebestyen Marta&Muzsikas - Azt gondoltam eso esik.
 Paul Jones - I`ve Been A Bad Bad Boy
 Starbuck - Moonlight feels right
 Herman's Hermits - Tallyman (unreleased song)

 nice...almost saves me a trip  
urban exploration,the goblin castle you tube clip
 the eerie woods and ruins of yester castle and its underground chamber `the goblin ha` which has dungeons now sealed off below that were once a prison to captives brought back from the crusades

 The Franco London Orchestra-Theme from Robinson Crusoe
 Are You Being Served - Instrumental
 Sweet - Turn It Down Geordie Scene,  (semi-live). 
 Harry Warren - Jeepers Creepers
 Dennis Potter's 'Pennies From Heaven' - Pick Yourself Up
 Erkin koray-Cemalim
 Heathcote Williams - I Will Not Pay Taxes Until

 Heathcote Williams and Emily lloyd - "Tell me all the swear words you know"
After Lynda showed her stockings, suspenders, and knickers to the entire bus barn, her father has her evaluated by a psychiatrist. Emily Lloyd is Lynda, Heathcote Williams is Dr. Holroyd in 's "Wish You Were Here" directed by David Leland

 Marianne Faithfull Why'd Ya Do It ? [Album Version]
 hallelujah, i'm a bum again – al jolson
 Black Market- Marlene Dietrich
 Please leave my butter alone - Elsie Carlisle
Light hearted little number from the thirties.
 Trumpton  Theme
 Harry Nilsson - Coconut  
 TUESDAYS CHILDREN - A strange light from the east

 Orpheus by Jean Cocteau - Radio transmission

 Anthony Newley - Within You Without You
 The Prisoner – Number 48 's trial
 'Still A Weirdo' - KT Tunstall live MacSorley's, Glasgow th  
 The cookies - Don't say nothing bad about my baby
 The Three Bells - Softly In The Night ( Girl Groups Sounds)
 The Cookies - I Want A Boy For My Birthday

 Steve Jones demonstrates Sex Pistols guitar riffs

 Work is a Four-Letter Word   An excerpt from "Work is a Four Letter Word"   adapted from Henry Livings' play "Eh?" Starring David Warner and Cilla Black.

 The Cookies - I Never Dreamed  
 DILLARD AND CLARK Why not your baby
 Ram Jam "Black Betty"
 The GreScots - Give Some Lovin'  
 The Dave Davani Four . Top of The POPS
 Jerry Lee Lewis - Breathless
 Jerry Lee & Keith - Little Queenie
Jerry Lee Lewis, Keith Richards & Mick Fleetwood performing on U.S. TV,  , 
 Chuck Berry - Little Queenie
 |T.Rex - Get It On (Christmas TOTP ')
 Kenneth Williams, Keep Britain Bona
 James Brown-I'm a soul man
 David Bowie - Rare - Dinah Shore  - Stay - clip 
 Moment In Time #  - Out-Of-Sights
 Walter Jackson - It's an Uphill Climb (To the Bottom)
 has a fantastic woodwind arrangement - a class tune of the Scott Walker school the second tune
  Tan Geers - "Let My Heart and Soul Be Free"
 is a real CREEPER..days later its haunting you!  
 “ Wigan Casino " Video Footage
 The Casualeers - Dance, Dance, Dance
 Carla Thomas - I`ll Never Stop Loving You
 Mel Britt She'll Come Running Back
 Harry Nilsson ~ Jump Into The Fire ~ Nilsson Schmilsson
 "I Don't Suppose" - Keith Moon
 The Bonzo Dog Band - Suspicion
 Suspicion-Terry Stafford-
 The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Death Cab For Cutie
 "Piano Two" - Jon Brion
"Piano Two" by Jon Brion, from the Synecdoche, New York soundtrack.
 Phoenix Five titles- Title and end music - very groovy
 Fireball - Don Spencer
 Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - Just Dropped In
 Conway Twitty - Want To In Your Eyes (LIVE)
 Conway Twitty- I've just destroyed the world
 BILLIE JO SPEARS-"Get Behind Me Satan and Push"  
 Lynn Anderson - I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden 
 Ricky Nelson - Garden Party 
 In The Rain- The Dramatics
 Vic and Bob - Mulligan and O'Hare
 Mulligan and O'hare Reeves and Mortimer play some tunes.
 William Burroughs - Do Easy by Gus Van Sant
 The Poppy Family - Shadows on my wall  .  
 POPPY FAMILY - There's no blood in bone
 The Poppy Family - Of Cities And Escapes
 Where Evil Grows + Me & You & a Dog Named Boo
 The Poppy Family - Beyond The Clouds Canadian TV
 Relay - Pete Townshend Demo
 Dill'sSong. FROM The Herbs
 George Melly Tribute ( with The Stranglers ) - Old Codger
 BEA BAKER (Lavern Baker) I Want a Lavender Cadillac  
 LaVern Baker - Voodoo Voodoo
 Elvis & Ann-Margret in Love in las Vegas - "The Climb"
 Roger Miller Shame Bird
 Oo-De-Lally - Roger Miller
 Roger Miller - Muppetshow
 Roger Miller and Johnny Cash - Pull the twine
 Troggs - The Raver ~ 
 We Can Work It Out & Lucy From Littletown The Beatles - Revolution[Demo]
 Camper Van Beethoven's song "Sweethearts,"   
 Camper Van Beethoven - Borderline
 Henry Hall & his Orchestra "Many Happy Returns Of The Day" 
 Stranger In My Arms The Beatles - Revolution[Demo]
 The Beatles Unrealesed Song - Revolution  (Take )
 jimi hendrix experience - day tripper
 BootlegZone  John Lennon -- A Guitar's All Right John, But You'll Never Earn Your Living By It
 Del Shannon - Hey Litlle Girl - w / lyrics
 I Think I Love You _ Del Shannon
 John Lennon & Elton John Live  - MSG
 John Lennon & Elton John LIVE - I Saw Her Standing There
 Bo Street Runners-Love
 Bow Street Runners - Spunky Monkey.wmv
 BYRDS Eight Miles High Backing track
 BYRDS Why?.. backing track 
 Time Is Running Out Steve Winwood
 Roxy Music - If There Is Something
 Dave Dee ... - Hold tight 
" Dave Dee, Dozy ... - Bend it 
 Matt McGinn - Wi' Jimmy Reid and Airlie
 Cher Ringo, I Love You (YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!)
 Don Covay - Overtime Man
 Four Seasons - Silver Star
 Gong - Percolations / Love Is How y Make It
 Dick Rivers - Ces Mots Qu'on Oublie Un Jour "The Music of Lennon & McCartney" .
 The Beach Boys - The Night Was So Young
 my little bubble... Cleaners From Venus - Under Wartime Conditions ||

 Sextette, featuring Alice Cooper! film clip
 True Affection by The Blow 
 the blow hey boy seattle
 THE BEATLES Remasters! /// . Baby It's You - (PLEASE PLEASE ME) -
 barbara lewis - baby i'm yours
  Marion Maerz - I go to sleep
Marion - later Marion Maerz - recorded "I go to sleep" by Ray Davies (head of the Kinks) in . Marion was the best that the German music scene of the 60s had to offer. The record was produced by Larry Page (producer of the Troggs). The song was released in Germany and UK as well. 
  Troggs- 66,5,4,3,2,1 B- Seite von "Any way that you want me"
 Winston's Fumbs - Real Crazy Apartment ,
 this is the A-side of the only single released by this band.
 Chris Hodge - We're On Our Way
 Beatles One after  rooftop concert
 The Traits - Nobody Loves The Hulk  
 The Troggs - Anyway you want me mit Lyrics
 Sly & The Family Stone - Frisky
 Que Sera Sera - Sly & The Family Stone
 carmel im not afraid of you
 Boogie On _ Kenyon Hopkins
 A Lovely Way to Die theme song Jackie Wilson'
 The Damned - Theta
 Cocteau Twins - Melonella
 The Beatles - I Want To Tell You
 Reginald Bosanquet Dance with me
 Quitters Never Win Dr.John
 Hall & Oates MusikLaden part  - Do What You Want
 Hall & Oates - She's Gone video
 Mott The Hoople - Roll Away The Stone
 Kenny - Fancy Pants 
 Glitter Band - Angel Face - Live Performance
 The Glitter Band - Goodbye My Love
 Linda Ronstadt & Leo Sayer - Tumbling Dice
 The Wards Of Court - How Could You Say One Thing
 Turn To The Right - Spirit
 Spirit - Mashed Potatoes
 David Essex-Lamplight ( Top of the pops )
 The Faces ~ Pool Hall Richard
 Leo Sayer - Long Tall Glasses   HQ
 iggy pop & the stooges - Consolation Prizes - Original Punks
 David Essex - Rock On
 DOGS evil heart 
 Nina Simone - You'll Never Walk Alone
 DOGS charlie was a good boy 
 Dogs-Algomania- French PUNK ROCK
 The Beatles- The Ballad of John and Yoko
 Larry And Tommy - Here Comes The Judge
 Warm Gun - Chinese Gangster / Crapy Hands
 THE BRATS-be a man-
 Sakkarin - Sugar Sugar (TOTP --)
 Pan's People You Can Really Rock'n'Roll Me
-written by Mike Batt featuring Cherry Gillespie on vocals, and Chris Spedding on guitar.

 Another Hard Day's Night by Ken Thorne on Beatles-Help LP from .
 The Yardbirds - Heart Full Of Soul
 THE KINKS "See my friends" 
In a widely quoted statement by Barry Fantoni, s celebrity and friend of The Kinks, The Beatles, and The Who, he recalled thit was also an influence on The Beatles "I remember it vividly and still think it's a remarkable pop song. I was with The Beatles the evening ththey actually saround listening to it on a gramophone, saying 'You know this guitar thing sounds like a sitar. We must get one of those.'"The song's radical departure from popular music conventions proved unpopular with the band's American following—it hit number  in the UK, but stalled number  in the US.

 The Chanter Sisters - Sideshow (TOTP --)
 The Surprise Sisters - Got To Get You Into My Life (TOTP --)
 Surprise Sisters - La Booga Rooga 
 JESS CONRAD - 'This Pullover' - rpm 
 fox - imagine me imagine you
 Skyband - 'BANG! OOH ! U GOT ME '!'
 crazee kids sound
 spencer mac - ka ka kabya mow mow
 The Unauthorised Version - 'Girl In a Bus Queue'  uk psych .
Excellent very rare  uk CBS . The A-side is a gretake on the Beatles track 'Hey Jude', and the B-side 'Girl In a Bus Queue' is a superb catchy psych-freakbetrack thnot too many know about.
 The IVOR & BASIL KIRCHIN BAND - 'Stone Age Mambo' -  rpm

 Talking Existentialist Blues Dudley Sutton relates his advenures in the world of philosophy  
 APB Shoot You Down
 Delmontes - So Its Not To Be
 Midnight Special - The Spinners "Rubberband Man". .  
 Bilbo Baggins, Back Home
 The Carpenters - Ticket To Ride
 The Valves - Aint no Surf in Portobllo
 Penicuik - The Cheetahs - Radio-Active    
 Freeez - I.O.U.  - Original Version
 Shannon Let The Music Play Extended
 THE MOONDOGS - Who's Gonna Tell Mary
from Granada TV's Moondogs Matinee
 Petula Clark with Bang Bang ( My baby shot me down )
 Tony Morgan & The Mussel Power Band, Why Build A Mountain
 JOHN FITCH & ASSOCIATES - stoned out of it
 john fitch-romantic attitude    
 LUCILLE BOGAN - Shave 'Em Dry  
 Lets Copp A Groove
 Prince - Sticky Like Glue (TEN)
 Prince - Future Soul Song (TEN)
 The Equals - Black Skinned Blue - Eyed Boy
 Dion - Purple Haze
 Sparks - Amateur Hour  
 Yoko Ono - Woman Power
 Jobriath - Scumbag
 Skyhooks. Living In The 's
 Betty Chung - Bang Bang
 Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang
 The Equals "Police On My Back" (Studio) Eddy Grant clash uk pop
 Isley Brothers - "Stagger Lee"
 Streak -Hard Times (In New York City)
 Tiger –The Bomb + Tigers on Vaseline –The John Scene
 Tigers on Vaseline –The John Scene
 The Kinks - Supersonic Rocket Ship  
 Sweeney Todd - Roxy Roller
 Arrows, Love Rider, Alan Merrill
 The Equals - Diversion
 Paper Lace - So what if I am     Paul McCartney / Soily
 Canned Heat On the Road Again
 Leo Sayer - The Show Must Go On
 Liverpool Five - Heart
 Liverpool Express - John George Ringo & Paul
 Cochise - Velvet Mountain
again..another Blockheads root through keyboard player Mick Gallagher unapologetic s LP cover and Steve Marriot in country rock session shocker! strange chord moves and rhyming couplets..DIG!  
 The Greatest Show on Earth - Real Cool World
nice fuzz from Ian Dury bass player Norman Watt Roy's  band  another component part in the origins of Ian Dury's Blockheads along with Radio Caroline's Loving Awareness Band and Glencoe
 Skip Bifferty Skizoid Revolution
 Miou-Miou Miou-Miou
 Dave Edmunds I Hear You Knocking
 Hank Mizell - Jungle Rock
 Slade - Slayed? -  - Look Last Nite (Audio)
 "Sweet Moments" By The Love Unlimited Orchestra
B Side To The Love Unlimited Orchestra Single "Loves Theme" This Track Has Never Been released On An Album
 Barry White - Just a little bit more
 PHIL HARRIS & HIS ORCHESTRA - 'Woodman, Spare That Tree' -  rpm
 bobby parker - watch your step
 Anni- Frid Lyngstad-I Know There's Something Going On
 Three Dog Night Liar
 Hot Chocolate - So you win again 
 Denny Laine - Say You Dont Mind
 Hello New York Groove  Lyrics
 Unit Four Plus Two-I was only playing games 
 Unit four plus two -  3:30. U.K. popsike dancer / Fontana
 Roulettes -Tell Tale Tit
 The Uncle Devil Show - Sidelong Glances Of A Pigeon Kicker
 Electric Light Orchestra- Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
 Pop Levi / Hades Lady /  Child
 Ringo Starr - Back Off Boogaloo - Clip - 
 Seelenluft - Manila
 Black Merda-Reality
 "Bubbles" by Wah Wah Watson
 Atomic Rooster-Tomorrow Night (TOTP )
 Legend - Cheque Book From the Red Boot album
 The Smiths - Ask (HQ)
 David Bowie - John, I'm Only Dancing
 Marc Bolan & T.Rex - "Ride A White Swan" [French TV ']
 Mott the Hoople All The Young Dudes
 Jimi Hendrix - Gypsy Eyes w/Lyrics
 Music In Action - Narcissus
 Windy Miller Intro
 Camberwick Green closing titles
 Parsley sings 'The Friendly Lion'  

 [Trailer] Bronco Bullfrog

 chuck willis -whatcha gonna do when your baby leaves you.wmv
 David Werner - "The Ballad Of Trixie Silver"
 cleanup time - lewis furey (')
 Howard Werth - Obsolete
 Audience - Buy Me An Island
 KIM FOWLEY california gypsy man 
 The Young Ones H/Q...Rip, Rig & Panic ( Interesting )
 CHAKK - Out Of The Flesh (Mix ) - 
 Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls - Dream Sequence II
B side Of  Illusive " single (IVEX ) "Dream Sequences" by the enigmatic Penetration vocalist Pauline Murray. Photos taken the Lyceum Ballroom, London during the double headlining tour with John Cooper Clarke.

 cathy la creme-i married a cult figure.wmv
 travis wammack - night train '' coooool instrumental 
 Chrome - Something Rhythmic   unreleased studio outtake .
 The vibes Inside- from The Loving Awareness Band
is such a beautiful piece of music. No other radio stations that I remember ever played their music, so my memories ...
 Timmy Thomas - Why can't we live together 
 Brian Protheroe Pinball
 "Lights Out" by Harvey Mandel Off of "Cristo Redentor", 
 Coloured Balls - Won't You Make Up Your Mind
 Love Good Old Fashioned Dream "  Love- Time Is Like A River
 Sexist Pig - Country Joe McDonald
 Love - Who Are You
 LOVE- Which Witch Is Which
 "Be Thankful For What You've Got" by Arthur Lee
 Velvet Underground - Squeeze - Send no Letter
 Paul McCartney - Red Rose Speedway -  - Big Barn Bed
 England's Glory - City of Fun
 Velvet Underground - Squeeze – Friends Rare VU Album
 The Velvet Underground - Train Round the Bend
 Bobby Hendricks - Psycho
 Tower of Power - Only so much oil in the ground
 The Boys Next Door - These Boots Are Made For Walking  
 Ain't That Peculiar - Japan
 Japan performing Swing and My New Career on the Old Grey Whistle Test.
 p.j.proby - after last night
for the real proby fans left out there this is another unreleased great demo from p.j. also self penned, recorded by jackie de shannon, took from old cassette tape, done best i can with sound. need to turn down volume a little. 
 Troggs - (BEST QUALITY) Night Of The Long Grass (Promo film)

 rolling stones - rice krispies commercial

 Cliff Richard - Throw Down A Line  
 Goodbye Gemini - Jackie Lee
 Rumplestiltskin - Rumplestiltskin
 Born To Lose - Jackie Lee 
 Magpie - Thames TV theme
 footsteps in the dark ISLEY BROTHERS
 The Isley Brothers - If You Were There
 Caravan Of Love - The Isley Brothers
 Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias - Snuff Rock ( A Side )
 The Jaynettes , Sally , Go Round The Roses
 Langley Schools Music Project - "Calling Occupants"  
 We are the Rulers - England World Cup Song 
 Hotpants Romance - It's a Heatwave
 Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby (pt 1 of )
 the attack - anymore than i do
 I love to love - Bjork  
 Lynsey De Paul - Sugar me
 # - "SIX-FIVE Special" -- Jackie Dennis 
 The Attack Hi Ho Silver Lining
 Creative Source - Who Is He and What Is He to You
 Wings - Band On The Run (Original Video)

 Tab Hunter - Mental Health Cinema Advert
Vintage cinema advert to advertise The Mental Health Association, starring Tab Hunter.
 Tab Hunter - out of the closet

 Brothers Johnson - Come Together
 Brothers Johnson - Get The Funk Out My Face
 PINK FAIRIES DO IT (LIVE)Glastonbury  ( be )
 Pink Fairies-Teenage Rebel Never Neverland
 Twink - Sparrow is a sign  
 Stealers Wheel - "You Put Something Better Inside Me"
 (the warriors soundtrack) gene chandler - get down
 Just Be True-Gene Chandler
 Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress - The Hollies
 richard twice - if i knew you were the one
 Imagination by The Cherry People on  MGM .

 STEVE TOOK'S MUSICAL ASSOCIATIONS WITH DAVID BOWIE Steve Took appeared on four Bowie Songs for the BBC 'Top Gear' John Peel programme. These have now been released on CD. See image below for more info. Below is the full version of one of these songs (Karma Man).
 Steve Peregrine Took - Syd's Wine

 Marc Bolan * Like A White Star
 You Better You Bet - The Who
 Suzi Quatro -  Crash
 Harpo Movie Star 
 ELO - Roll Over Beethoven (TOTP )
 Digital Underground - Doowutchyalike
 Pigmeat Markham - Here Comes The Judge + The Trial -  rpm
 Ian Campbell Folk Group - Marilyn Monroe -  rpm
 Kenny Everett Mike Vickers Captain Kremmen " Vinyl
 'Walk Right In' GUS CANNON   Ragtime Banjo Blues Legend
 Henry Hall & his Orchestra play "Just Little Bits And Pieces" 
From the  British film "Music Hath Charms
 Tony Joe White Polk Salad Annie
 Jim Stafford & Dolly Parton Sing Spiders & Snakes Branson
 Johnny Burnette - Tear it up
 Johnny Burnette - Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
 Sandie Shaw - Puppet On A String 
Dennis Hopper Apocalypse Now - You can't go out into space...

 Blow-up - Antonioni (Yardbirds Scene)
 Ray Anderson-Joe Stalin Kicked The Bucket [Kentucky ] c.   RPM
 Johnny Burnette - The train kept a-rollin
 Tyrannosaurus Rex - One Inch Rock + Salamanda Palaganda -  rpm
 Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) Fingerstyle acoustic guitar
 The Sweet - Alexander Graham Bell
 Ringo Starr Only You
 La Cabina (The Phonebox) - Part One

 The President's Analyst The Cerebrum Communicator movie clip

 harry h corbett - the green eye of the little yellow god
original b. side to" like the big guys do"  always prefered this side hope you do too "oh my gawd" enjoy.
 Family Guy - Rock Lobster

Sinéad O'Connor discusses Van Morrison's 'Veedon Fleece'
RTÉ.ie Media Player The Dave Fanning Show    
 Van Morrison  Come here my love  
 Van Morrison  Who Was That Masked Man?  
 Van Morrison  Linden Arden Stole The Highlights

 Jigsaw - Sky High
 the o'jays i'll never forget you
 Cocteau Twins - Pepper Tree (live ) Live Continental Örebro Sweden  
 Cocteau Twins - Strange Fruit. (Live Version)
Taken from the John Peel show  ... Amazing version of this dark and disturbing song...
 Gladys Knight & The Pips - I Wish It Would Rain
 Hey Love - TV commercial for R&B album
 The Delfonics - Hey Love
 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Much Better Off
 Ian Dury and the Blockheads- What a waste (Revolver)
 Ian Dury - clevor trevor
 Ian Dury and The Blockheads - Wake Up and Make Love With Me
 Margaret Mandolph - I Wanna Make You Happy.wmv
 "Whats Wrong With My World" PJ Proby 
 You Can't Come Home Again (if You Leave Me Now)  PJ Proby
 Gwen Owens - Just Say You're Wanted (And Needed)
 Farewell by Ayshea –
Written and Produced by Roy Wood Ayshea Brough was one of the stars of the Si Fi series UFO (her character was also called Ayshea) She was also a model and was the presenter on the TV Pop show 'Lift off 
 I Am Controlled By Your Love by Helene Smith
 Forbidden Zone - Gran Finale SPOILER
 Shocking Blue - Love Buzz
 After Tea We Will Be There After Tea
 Fancy - Wild Thing
 ICE-Time Will Tell
 Labi Siffre " I Got The" From  album "Remember My Song", 
 Jaan Pehechaan Ho
Clip from the Indian film "Gumnaam", featured the beginning of the Ghost World movie.
 The Smoke - High in a room
 "Ain't No Greens In Harlem" by The Vibrations

The great facebook Radio Show!

  Simon & Garfunkel - A Simple Desultory Phillipic
 Syreeta - Black Maybe
 Run Run Run - The Who
 Gil Scott-Heron - 'Me And The Devil' (Official HD Video)
 Sagittarius - Glass
 warm gun - crappy hands  
 The Kinks - Victoria
 warm gun - accident  
 Kanye West - Spaceship [The Real Video]
 David Cassidy-Rock me baby-bob hope.VOB
 Forgotten Rebels - Pictures of Matchstick Men
 Queen - Flick of the wrist (Dutch Single Version) HD
 Queen - Stone Cold Crazy with lyrics
 Tenement Lady - T.Rex - Marc Bolan - Alternate Version
 Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Interstellar Soul
 BOXER Shooting Star
 Jet "Cover Girl" LP U.K. Glam-Rockers! 
 Vivian Jones & Nereus Joseph - Pull Up Your Trousers

 Buckley vs Ginsberg - WALES VISITATION (Full Recitation)

 Laura Lee I Need it Just As Bad As You
 Bill Le Sage - Night Talk featuring Ronnie Ross 
 The Buckinghams - I know I think  
 George Benson "White Rabbit"  
 Anthony More - Judy Get Down
 Snakeskin Garter - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
 Manfred Mann Chapter Three virginia
 Black Horse The Keith Tippett Group 
 C C S - Primitive Love
 C.C.S. - "The Band Played Boogie" - ' - stereo
 Noel Tempo - Run Run Run
 Back Stabbers - The O'Jays  
 Detroit (with Mitch Ryder)- It Ain't Easy
 Windy Corner - Waiting To Fall Back Asleep
 Mitch Ryder Tough Kid
 Winston Shah & The Sheiks Throw Me Corn
 David Bowie - Drive In Saturday (Live Audio) Cleveland Arena,  .
 Starbuck - Do You Like Boys
 Paul St.John --Flying Saucers Have Landed/Spaceship Lover --PYE N.  ( UK)   
Paul St John - Spaceship lover
 Hoagy Carmichael & Dorothy Dandridge "Lazy Bones"   
Chris Bell - You and your Sister
 Chris Bell - Speed Of Sound (Lyrics)    
Chris Bell - I Am the Cosmos
 The Summer Sun - Chris Stamey
 Sneakers Condition Red
 Mud - Crazy
 SAHB Boston Tea Party

 Where did you get that Hat? ("Alice")

 DUFFY POWER-Just stay blue
 Stevie Wonder - Lookin For Another Pure Love
 Syl Johnson - Take Me To The River
 Dion - Feeling No Pain "Ten Girls Ago"  (Unreleased).
 Dion  Your Own Back Yard (  )
 Dion DiMucci - My Girl The Month Of 
 The Alan Bown Set - Jeu de massacre (The killing game)
 Alan Brown Set....Baby Don't Push Me
 Robert Palmer Trouble    
Give Me An Inch/Robert Palmer
 Robert Palmer Riverboat
 Teardrop Explodes - Sleeping Gas
 Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can
 The Users-Sick of You/I`m in Love With Today
 The Rezillos - I Can't Stand My Baby (original single)
 Anatoli Lyadov - The Enchanted Lake  
 The Millennium - Karmic Dream Sequence 
 Penetration Lovers of Outrage
 Michael Jackson' - They Don't Care About Us
 The Beatles - Flying. (Rare)
 David Bowie - Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed - 
 Burial - Street Halo [Hyperdub]
 two inch punch - love you up
 Paul McCartney & Wings - Letting Go
 Burial - Ghost Hardware Producer Boemtjak
 Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke - Mirror
 King Tim III - Fatback (old school hiphop / hip hop / rap)
 Bob Seger and The Last Heard - Heavy Music
 Ball Of Confusion (That's WhThe World Is Today)
 Family Stand - Ghetto Heaven.avi
 MACABRE-Be forwarned
The only single release from "Macabre" who later changed their name to "Pentagram".
 Propaganda - Dream within a dream (live)
 I will never be your fool - David Bromberg
 Wallflower - David Bromberg
 THE GLADIATORS - Jah Works / Hearsay
 Gladiators - Looks Is Deceiving
 The Human Expression - Optical Sound
 Ars Nova - And How Am I To Know  
 Chameleon Church - Off With The Old
  STEVE NOONAN - Leaning Back And Laughing
 Endorphin - Burial -
 Steve Miller Band "Fly Like An Eagle" Midnight Special-
 Vangelis Papathanassiou - Let It Happen
 KISSING THE PINK - The Other Side Of Heaven
 Pauline Murray & the Invisible Girls  Searching for Heaven     
Phoebe Snow Poetry Man
 The Beatles - Paperback Writer (Take 1)
 Mott The Hoople - Roll Away The Stone
 The del capri,s-hey little way out girl
 John Fred & his Playboys-Judy In Disguise
 Reparata and the Delrons - Captain Of Your Ship  
 MUD - Crazy -
 Bill & Buster - Hold on to What You've Got  
 Bend Over Backwards - Bill and Buster.avi
 Robert Knight - Love on a mountain top ( Top of the pops )
 Leroy Wallace - Far Beyond
 Queen - 'In The Lap Of The Gods' (Live Wembley)
 Elton John - Rocket Man (Rare Wiped TOTP Clip)
 LOVE- Which Witch Is Which
 Stanley Cowell Trio - Maimoun
 Freddie Joachim - Calm
 Sly Stone - Crossword Puzzle  
 Kool and the Gang "Fruitman"
 The Moments-How Can I Love You
 J Dilla - The $ (Madlib Remix)
 J Dilla - Last Donut of the Night
 Moments - To You With Love
 Lalo Schifrin - Harry in your Pocket  
 The Pursuit Of Happiness  Theme song    
Roxy Music - Casanova
 Walk In The Night by Jr Walker And The All Stars
 The Impressions - First Impressions  
 Bo Diddley - You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover [Very Good quality]
 The Jackson  - Rockin' Robin  RARE
 Beatles Christmas (Tiny Tim Sings) BIGGER than Jesus
 Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Urban Spaceman
 Teddy Wilson (w Billie Holiday) - My First Impression Of You
 swansway - soul train - the tube
 david bowie and The Astronettes -i am laser
 Bowiesongs Extras, “Shilling The Rubes,” fragment
  Subterreaneans - My Flamingo    
 atv 'how much longer'
 The Cars - Good Times Roll
 Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
 Billy Joel - Big Shot
 ZZ Top - La Grange
 Don Julian & The Larks - Schoolin' And Foolin'
 B.W. Stevenson - SHAMBALA
 Robert Palmer Spanish Moon Video
 Three Dog Night - Shambala Lyrics
 Three Dog Night - Easy To Be Hard (Rare clip)
 Terry Reid - Dean Live
 BAD CASE OF LOVIN' YOU - Moon Martin HQ  
 Intaferon Get out of London
 Toni Childs - Walk and Talk Like Angels
 Herbie Hancock ~ I Thought It Was You
 Dave "Baby" Cortez - Gettin' To The Point
 Hoyt Axton & Ringo Starr/ No, No, Song
 Hoyt Axton Never gonna work
 hoyt axton - double double dare ''
 The Pusher-Hoyt Axton
 David Crosby - Cowboy Movie
 Julian Cope - Laughing Boy
 Easy Rider - Steppenwolf - The Pusher
 T.Rex - Metal Guru
 Echo And The Bunnymen - The Disease
 ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN way out and up we go
 Echo & The Bunnymen - Higher Hell
 Big Pig - Breakaway (Popper Mix) - 
 madlib's last electro-acoustic space jazz & percussion ensemble - tones for larry young
 madlib's young jazz rebels - forces unseen
 Madlib with Erykah Badu - The Return of the Ankh
 Erykah Badu - Umm Hmm
 Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm "Liberated"
 I've Been Everywhere - Hank Snow
 Ernie Bush- Breakaway- 
 Supership - George Benson
 Mighty Marvelows ==== Talkin' Bout Ya Baby
 Friends Led Zeppelin-rare session Bombay
 Throwing Muses - Golden thing
 Kate Bush - Sin Your Lap
 Stevie Wonder - Love's In Need Of Love Today
 Kate Bush - Deeper Understanding - full length still video
 Fly v Fly B side to 'Name Dropping'.
 The Flys "Can I Crash Here"
 The Accelerators - Popguns And Green Lantern
 The Moments - Sexy Mama
 john fitch-romantic attitude
 Karen Verros - You Just Gotta Know My Mind
 La Révolution Française - Shoo-Doo-Bee-Do-Chantons L'Eté - .wmv
 Pagliaro "Lovin' You Ain't Easy"
 KISS INC. - Hey Mr. Holy Man
 Angelo & Eighteen - Flight 
 Rodger Collins - You Sexy Sugar Plum
 Horace Andy - Just Don't Want To Be Lonely extended 
 Yes - Siberian Khatru
 Europa played by SANTANA - 
 Wishbone Ash - Blowin' Free
 pasty watchorn  Orange and the Green
The Orange and the Green sing by the "Dubliner"
 The Nitty Gritty - Shirley Ellis-
 I Think I Love You _ Del Shannon
 Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F-

 The Surrealist Bridges of Google Earth Artist Clement Valla, who you  remember from his line-tracing project, has a nifty series which consists of bridges zoomed in upon in Google Earth just so, revealing surreal, bendy, glitch-infused landscapes. A few of the coolest below

 Guitar Ray - Youre Gonna Wreck My Life 
 Gloria - Robb London
Robb London and the Rogues was an obscure garage rock band from the 60's. 
 Lou Reed - Sister Ray Live 
 Frankie Valli - You're ready Now - Philips
 Rose Royce-is it love you're after
 Sister Sledge - Thinking Of You
 Jessie J - Who You Are (Boombox Series)
 Jim Gilstrap - Swing Your Daddy
 Billy Swan - I Can Help
 Desiree - Laura Nyro
 Laura Nyro & Labelle ~ The Bells
 ruth copeland & daryl hall heaven
 ruth copeland/ funkadelic-'suburban family lament'  
 Danger Zone-Stone The Crows
 Edwin starr-Happy Radio
 Dr Feelgood - She Does It Right
 Dirty Red-Mother Fuyer  
THE LIVING END! Curtis Smith -
 Dr Feelgood & the Interns - Don't Tell Me No Dirty
 I'm Wise-Eddie Bo-'-Apollo
 THE VERY THINGS - "Phillips World Service"
 The Olympics . Secret Agents.
 Johnny Burnette - Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
 boston dexters - nothings gonna change me now
 The Incredible String Band - Chinese White
 tell me something good- rufus and chaka khan
 Hank Mizell - Jungle Rock

 captain fantastic eric idle sings withe bonzo dog doo dah band 60s tv

 Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam - 
 Tom Waits - Train Song
 Roy C - Shotgun Wedding
 Michael Sembello - maniac ( live )
 Maniac - michael sembello

 The Disappearing Gentlemens' Lavatories of Old London A Hymn to The Disappearing Gentlemens' Lavatories of Old London Dedicated to the late Joe Orton.

 City Port | Marc Bolan | T.REX
 Outta My Pants by James Marshall Black
 Tyrannosaurus Rex - Deboraarobed - 


 This Flight Tonight (unplugged) - Nazareth
 Slade - Take Me Bak 'Ome.
 Queen - Bicycle Race
 D.R. Hooker - Weather Girl
 Michel Magne & Jean Yanne - Petrol Pop
 Patrick Vian - "Oreknock"
 Broken Social Scene - Passport Radio
 Jet Harris & Tony Meehan - Diamonds

 David Munrow

 Poetics of Surveillance Culture with Iain Sinclair | Motherboard Psychogeographer Iain Sinclair discusses the poetic effects of CCTV

 George Michael - True Faith (complete audio song)
 Fred Neil - I've got a secret (didn't we shake sugaree)
 Paul Sindab - Do Whatcha Wanna Do
 Lol Coxhill - I Am The Walrus
 Kid Charlemagne - Steely Dan
 The Moody Blues - Legend of a mind
 Suzi Quatro - Your Mama Won't Like Me - "Very Rare"

 Secret Scotland - Inverlair Lodge

 Kate Bush - Rocket Man
 Shawn Phillips - Donovan - Kingfisher
Donovan sings, Shawn Phillips plays the sitar on this lovely clip from Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest. Originally aired in 1966 .
 TEDxConejo - Mark Robert Waldman - //
 Shawn Phillips - Stargazer (sitar folk psych)
 David McCallum - "Communication"
 David McCallum - House Of Mirrors
 Jazz-Funk David McCallum - The Edge [Music A Bit More Of Me]
 Tricky - Abbaon Fat Track - Maxinquaye 
 Barrabas - Mellow Blow - 
 Bohannon Save Their Souls
 Dr Alimantado - Born For A Purpose/Reason For Living
 "Bubbles" by Wah Wah Watson
 Patrice Rushen -- Puttered Bopcorn
 Herbie Hancock-Heartbeat 
 Heads Hands And Feet Country Boy
 Just Another Ambush Heads Hands and Feet
 Punk Music - From "Odeon" - 'La Moda e la Musica Punk' - ( th, )
 Metro - From "Odeon" - 'La Moda e la Musica Punk' - ( th, )
 Tony Colton " Run Pony rider "
 reader to writer---McGuinness Flint
 John Cale - Momamma Scuba Album Fear   Phil Manzanera on slide guitar.
 John Cale - Sylvia Said
 JOHN CALE live "Paris "
 Coil -- Princess Margaret's Man in the D'Jamalfna

The earliest literary reference to Grub Street appears in , by the English poet, John Taylor. "When strait I might descry, The Quintesscence of Grubstreet, well distild Through Cripplegate in a contagious Map"  John Taylor (poet) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia After his waterman apprenticeship he served   in Essex's fleet, and was present Flores in  and the siege of Cadiz.  "Many of Taylor's works were published by subscription; i.e., he would propose a book, ask for contributors, and write it when he had enough subscribers to undertake the printing costs. He had more than sixteen hundred subscribers to The Pennylesse Pilgrimage; or, the Moneylesse Perambulation of John Taylor, alias the Kings Magesties Water-Poet; How He TRAVAILED on Foot from London to Edenborough in Scotland, Not Carrying any Money To or Fro, Neither Begging, Borrowing, or Asking Meate, Drinke, or Lodging., published in . Those who defaulted on the subscription were chided the following year in a scathing brochure entitled A Kicksey Winsey, or, A Lerry Come-Twang, which he issued in the following year."
This the chap who wrote The Praise of Hemp Seed.
 "Taylor cannot be accounted as anything more than a voluminous scribbler, possessed of irrepressible assurance and facile wit of a coarse vein. He had, however, the saving grace 0f acute observation of men and manners, and this has given his productions a certain value for the student of social history. The term “literary bargee” befits him much better than his own self-styled title “the water-poet”"
Stewart Home What was Grub Street is Milton Street but cut off by the Barbican development.... shame... the old vibe has completely gone... and no sign of the notorious brothel district of Pict-Hatch around the corner the end of Fortune Street either.... Whitecross Street has been yuppiefied... and to think it was once synonymous with poverty!
I guess the pub mentioned is now long gone? "The Crown" in Phoenix Alley, Long Acre
Nathaniel Mist was an 18th century British printer and journalist whose Mist's Weekly Journal was the central, most visible, and most explicit opposition newspaper to the whig administrations of...
Sir, – In his review of Valerie Rumbold’s edition of The Dunciad, Henry Power makes reference to “the Whiggish periodical”, Mist’s Weekly Journal ( ). The most notorious Jacobite on Grub Street, Nathaniel Mist was far from being a Whig. In , soon after the spat with Pope, Mist found himself exiled in France after managing to libel George II, his late father, the Prime Minister Robert Walpole, and the Duchess of Kendal in one go. His household was arrested, his printshop ransacked, and his paper relaunched in his absence as the slightly more temperate Fog’s Weekly Journal. Pope  well have been justified in attacking Mist and his paper, but I have just spent the last few years ploughing through every single issue of both Mist’s and Fog’s and still don’t think the paper deserves to be called tedious, let alone Whiggish – whichever  be the worse.
 This guy is supposedly the author of A General History of Pyrates which some thought was written by Daniel Defoe who was "inserted" into Mist's printing and political milieu as a spy. Same man who spied up in Edinburgh prior to The Act of Union and who perhaps plagiarised a friend's method ad another's tale to write a formative classic novel in Crusoe. Pyrates mentions Captain Mission and the micronation of Libertatia in Madagascar - who turns up later in William Burrough's Cities of The Red Night. See..the Watermen...
 RE Pyrates "Although this book was attributed to Daniel Defoe in , editions published since  have restored the unknown character Captain Charles Johnson as author, in light of a comprehensive refutation of the  case for Defoe's authorship.",    
 Pirate Burroughs A pirate skeleton channels the late, great William S. Burroughs.
 http// Kind of a Captain Mission thing http// even if the moment has gone. Rather than be an economic or political migrant or Get to France or Get to Russia or even a REFUGEE how about a Frestonia http// or passport To Pimlico. http// or even Sealand! http//

 Do It Baby (Nice 'n Easy) - Susan Cadogan
 Etta James - Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes
 Eumir Deodato "Also Sprach Zarathustra"  


 Dana Gillespie - 'Dizzy Heights'
 Dana Gillespie , You Just Gotta Know My Mind
 Dana Gillespie • Weren't Born A Man
 Metro (Duncan Browne) - Criminal World
 Biff Rose - Fill Your Heart
 Ron Davies - It Ain't Easy
 Kiki Dee - I Dig You Baby
 kiki dee - small town
 Ricky Wilde - I Am an Astronaut
 Joe South - Hush (Better Audio)
 Early Northern Soul Popcorn  The Tams  Untie Me
 Three is a Magic Number - Bob Dorough
 Fleetwood Mac - The Green Manalishi (Live in Boston )
 Hedgehoppers Anonymous - It's Good News Week

 Orson Welles on Cold Reading Orson Welles discusses the nature of 'cold reading', a type of analysis used by many phony psychics and fortune tellers to trick their customers into thinking they indeed do have special powers, and how some can become so skilled it ththey actually trick themselves into believing they are truly psychic.
 The Girl-Getters aka The System   Oliver Reed Directed by Michael Winner
 MARDI GRAS too busy thinking about my baby 
 Tony Rivers Hallelujah Freedom 
 Soul Blenders Tightrope
 The Kids from Fame - Starmaker (Video, TOTP)

 The Secret World of Self Storage [Part ] [Part ] Chris heads down to his storage unit whenever he’s going through a rough patch, spending time with his prize possession; Derek the dalek who always lifts his spirits
 I CAN UNDERSTAND IT (Full-Length Album Version) - Bobby Womack
 "Child of the Streets" by Sam Dees
 Myrna Summers GOD GAVE ME A SONG (Original)
 SPANKY WILSON easy lover
 Spanky Wilson - Sunshine Of Your Love
 basil kirchin - the strange affair theme

'The Life History of a Slum Child' focusing on the community living in the Canongate. 
 Ant Music by Adam and the Ants
 Screemer - Interplanetary Twist.
 Headstone - "Turn Your Head"
 The Reaction - Talk Talk Talk Talk
The very first track of The Reaction, Mark Hollis's first band. The song was written by Mark Hollis and Ed Hollis. The early version of this track was called Talk Talk Talk Talk, and it became the name of the famous Talk Talk band, and one of their popular track, Talk Talk This song was released
 I Hate Everybody Johnny Winter

  marginalia...probably more exciting than chapbooking and grangerizing  Book Lovers Fear Dim Future for Notes in the Margins In a digital world, scholars see an uncertain fate for an old and valued practice. "A Biographical History of England, from Egbert the Greto the Revolution consisting of characters disposed in different classes, and adapted to a methodical catalogue of engraved British Heads intended as an essay towards reducing our biography to system, and to a help to the knowledge of portraits interspersed with a variety of anecdotes, and memoirs of a Gerat number of persons, not to be found in any other biographical work. With a preface, shewing the utility of a collection of engraved portraits to supply the defect, and answer the various purposes, of medals, by the Rev. J. Granger, vicar of Shiplake in Oxfordshire. (Fifth edition, six volumes, London, )."

 Ruts - dope for guns
 Liverpool Five - She's mine
 Hopeton Lewis and the Gaylettes - Mighty Quinn
 Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) - The Beatles

 Do you know the story of the Black Night riff? Way back to Ricky Nelson's Summertime! http// Via some neopsych bands like the Blue Magoos http// and pre Status Quo Spectres! Oh and the liverpool Five! http//

 John Jones - Rudy Mills - Reggae RPM
 COPPER FIELD-johnny is the big one-nl 
 Burundi Steiphenson Black - Burundi Black  
 Taj Mahal, Big Mama

 Scimitar GTE car chase with George Lazenby
A clip clip form the  film "Universal Soldier starring George Lazenby as "Ryker"; a mercenary commander and weapons expert who is commissioned to train an army for an exiled African leader. There is some superb footage of the Reliant Scimitar GTE SE in the film. I especially like this clip ,   
The film that turned me on to Philip Goodhand Tait and George Lazenby!  

 Phillip Goodhand-Tait - Cold Night - George Lazenby
 "Sweet Marihuana" Sung by Gertrude Michael
 The Modulations - Share What You Got, Keep What You Need  Modulations - Your Love Has Me Locked Up
 the modulations - moving in the right direction
 Pied piper-Bob & Marcia
 Toots & The Maytals - You Don't Love Me (So Bad)
 toots and the Maytals-reggae got soul
 The Cake  'You Can Have Him' - music video
 The Peddlers with The London Philharmonic Orchestra - This Strange Affair
 Dandy Livingstone - Trouble In The Town
 The Wilde Flowers - No Game When You Loose
 The Wilde Flowers - She's Gone
 peggy lee - sneakin up on you '' elaine delmar
 Little Ann. Lean Lanky Daddy  
 Northern Soul Ballad  The Bouquets  Aint That Love
 Yoko Ono "Left Turn's The Right Turn"  
 Forgive These Fools-Dixie Nightingales {Chalice/Stax -}
 Just a Little Overcome - The Nightingales ft. Tommy Tate
 Space - Neighbourhood / You & Me Vs. The World - White Room
 Soft Machine Live UFO in 
 Arthur Brown ? Devil's grip on me ( single version)
 Arthur Brown, Tomorrow and Teddy Lee J. (from "Hoepla" Dutch TV show,   
 Thin Lizzy - The Rocker
 Bob Marley Burnin And Looting Tonight
 Bob Marley & the Wailers Want More Live the Exeter University  SBD
 Bob Marley - Want More LIVE (rare clip)
 Glitter Band - Makes You Blind - 
 Joan Jett - Do You Wanna Touch
 I Didn't Know I Loved You ('Til I Saw You Rock And Roll).mpg
 The Fall New Big Prinz

The Gary Glitter sound was hit upon by just goofing in the studio, not unlike the way Elvis, Scotty and Bill found the "new sound" Sam Phillips was after by improvising an Arthur Cradup song. Gary's producer, manager and friend Mike Leander, like Sam Phillips, was also looking for a "new sound." Leander had been studying African Burundi rhythm patterns, as well as the recordings of Dr. John, the New Orleans band Exhuma and the white South African John Kongos' experimentation with tribal rhythms and electronic discordia which resulted in "He's Gonna Step On You Again," arguably one of the finest hard rock singles of the early seventies. It's possible thLeander  also have been listening to The Troggs  single "The Raver", which has all the earmarks of a prototype to Gary's sound.
Mike Leander I was very influenced by Dr John and the whole Afro-rock sound. There was a lot of very good black voodoo rock coming out of New Orleans, and all this music was coming over just as I was trying to turn away from bubblegum and get involved in rhythm and drums.I had my own technique of playing drums, which was very African-based - lots of tom toms - and the sound effects we got on the drums and various other instruments. So it was a combination of my drumming and John Hudson's wizardry on the knobs.

 James Brown - There was a time   live Boston

 William S. Burroughs on Dreams (EKF) Excerpts from a lecture by William S. Burroughs on public discourse, recorded the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics on  , . The complete  minute sound file can be downloaded the Naropa Poetics Audio Archives http//

 Rat Bastard Protective Association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 The Rat Bastard Protective Association was an informal group of Beat and Funk artists who worked and exhibited together in San Francisco, California from the late 60s to the mid70 s. The association was founded by and the group's name was coined by Bruce Conner It makes me very happy to get Bruce conner, Wallace Berman and Rebecca Solnit in the one post!,    When told of his impact on music videos and his status as "the Father of MTV,", Conner would reply, "Not my fault." ,  
Rebecca Solnit Very nice, thank you! The RBPA name was a hybrid of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB) and the Scavengers Protective Assn, which you can read more about Chris Carlsson's Shaping San Francisco site.....

 Toni Basil Breakaway
 David Byrne & Brian Eno - Mea Culpa -
 Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid
 Baby I Love You So / King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
 The Hidden Cameras - I believe in the good of life
 John Cooper Clarke - Chickentown 
 John Cooper Clarke - Midnight Shift
 The Truth - " Who's wrong ?"
 release on UK Pye from the pair of London hairdressers who after the obligatory Beatles cover released some fine tunes. This one ,"Who's wrong" ,a snarling self depreciating slab  of UK Freakbeat. Incidnetly one of the pair later went on to score a UK top ten hit as Nosmo King with plastic Wigan
 Velvet Hammer - Happy
 John Barry  +  - Hit And Miss -  rpm
 Bob Marley - Exodus - 
 james bond theme - surf champlers
 Simple Minds - Changeling (live) New York 
 David Bowie - It's No Game (Part )
 Tired Of My Life (Early Version of It's No Game)
  I Get Lifted KC and the Sunshine Band do "I Get Lifted" in Miami, .
 the in-be-tweens - you better run. freakbeat
 Thin Lizzy - For Those Who Love to Liv
 californians, cooks of cakes and kindness
 Top Wolverhampton band of the60 's with their B side to Mandy
 The Incredibles - There's Nothing Else To Say
 The Sharpets - Lost In The World Of A Dream
 Burning Spear - Weeping And Wailing
 CHINA CRISIS - Strength Of Character - 
 I Roy - Don't Touch I Dread
 Joe Gibbs - Jubilation Dub
  Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly
 PATTY PRAVO - Johnny - Stryx 
 Amanda Lear - Run, Baby Run (Stryx, )
 La Bagarre | Amanda Lear
 tam and russel dean burn - tale of twa dugs
 Herbie Mann - Comin' Home Baby
 Mel Torme - Comin Home Baby
 Chris Montez - Some Kinda' Fun (stereo)
 Frank Ifield - The Wayward Wind !  Steely Dan FM
 LAU "Wintermoon"
 Viv Albertine Viv Albertine's Debut Solo Album | PledgeMusic
 Spike Milligan - The Fresh Fruit Song
 The Doors - Peace Frog (with lyrics)
 The System - You Are In My System
 Robert Palmer - Work To Make It Work

 Eastend House, Thankerton, Lanarkshire,   - Derelict Places Eastend House, Thankerton, Lanarkshire,   Rural Sites

 Shanice ~ I Love Your Smile (Live)
 The Small Faces - You Need Loving (BBC Concert 's) Audio
  Marvin Gaye "What's Going On / What's Happening Brother"
  Mr Lucky & the Gamblers -- Alice Designs (Panorama)
  Don't Take Your Time - Roger Nichols & The Small Circle of Friends 
  the attack - we dont know

  BOOKMARK  THE ELUSIVE SPARK (Trailer) The life and times of world famous novelist (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie) Muriel Spark

  Yvonne Baker - You Didn`t Say a Word - 
  Little Willie John - My nerves
  Darrow Fletcher - "Rising Cost of Love" @ Southpaw, Brooklyn
  Darrow Fletcher - Improve.wmv
  Kim Weston A Thrill A Moment
  Linda Lewis - Days Of The Old Schoolyard
  Al Brown Here I am Baby
  Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta  
  Nobody But You by The Wooden Nickels
  The Joker by the Milestones & Litler Leroy
  butch baker - fatman at the go go -
  Lou Reed - Sweet Jane  Take No Prisoners


 |Dave & Ansil Collins - Double Barrel (TOTP --) 
  Hazel O' Connor-Songs from Breaking Glass Writing on the wall,(Opening credits) If only,(Closing credits) and in the middle Big brother, with about  stills from the film.
  Davis Bowie - Breaking Glass (Extended Single Version)
A rare extended single version of Breaking Glass from Low.
  David Bowie - John, I'm Only Dancing
  Arnold Layne - David Bowie - David Gilmour by Syd Barrett - HD
  Tina Charles - I'm On Fire live  Starparade Germany
  ROLAND KAYN -  ,  -  ,   Refractions part I  
  Gary Clail - Privatise The Air
  JAPAN - Sons of Pioneers
  Mick Karn Angie Bowie  poems
  Get it right next time Gerry Rafferty
  The 13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation (Doubt)
  Leon Russell Tight Rope
  Howard Werth - Obsolete
  David Werner "Cold Shivers"
  Lewis Furey - Hustler's Tango
  The Golden Dawn-Starvation From The Album"Power Plant ".
   Chambers Brothers "Funky"
 Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year Sample J  
 Linda Darnell sings "Have You Seen Joe" clip from Hangover Square
 Billy super duper Billy Super Duper-Marc Bolan & T. Rex 
 Hot Chocolate - Put your love in me 
 Message from the Tribe - Beneficent
 Ding Dong, Ding Dong - George Harrison
 Frank Sinatra - The Hucklebuck
 Maurice Gibb with The Fut - Have You Heard The Word
Released in  1969  by a band called The Fut. The Fut (Steve Groves, Steve Kipner, Billy Lawrie and Maurice Gibb
 Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - The LS Bumble Bee/The Bee Side
 Boney m - baby do you wanna bump
 The Goodies "Funky Gibbon"
 Donovan - People Used To  
 Mick Softley-Am i The Red One Single from .
 The Beach Boys The Monkey's Uncle
 Brenton Wood- Baby you got it
 Boney M. - My Friend Jack
 Lou Christie - Painter [Stereo - ]
 The Sweet - Reflections Funny How Sweet Co-co Can Be -  - Track 
 "Children of the Night" by Hysear Don Walker O  
 Dennis Wilson and Rumbo - Sound Of Free
"Rumbo" being long time BB's collaborator and keyboardist, Daryl Dragon. (aka."Captain" from "Captain & Tennille")
 Dennis Wilson & Rumbo - "Fallin' In Love" - 
The B-side of Dennis Wilson's single "Lady" / "Fallin' In Love", his first solo release from  . Originally intended for the first version of the Beach Boys SUNFLOWER album
 T.REX - Child Star
 Parliament Funkadelic - P-Funk Wants to Get Funked Up-
Mothership Connection - Houston  http// It was Halloween night and Parliament Funkadelic was about to tear the roof off the Houston Summit, ready to bless the crowd with their cosmic brew of interplanetary funk. George Clinton, Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins and the rest of the P-Funk
 Parliament - Color Me Funky 
 Funkadelic - Pin the Tale on the Funky
 Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - The Uncle Willie   "Blue Peter" show  
 Dead Can Dance - Frontier
 Everybody is christ - Cindytalk originals
 Cindytalk "it's Luxury"    
 The Ohio Players - You don´t mean it
 "Black Cat" by The Ohio Players
 Ohio Players- Far East Mississippi
 ohio players ecstasy
 The Ohio Players - SILLY BILLY From the  LP (Ecstasy).
 Ohio Players- Skin Tight Ohio Players- Skin Tight  In Japanese Show
 Nils Lofgren - Keith Don't Go (full length version)
 Beatle Bones (live) - Captain Beefheart
 Peon - Lick My Decals Off, Baby
 Egg Nog by the Ramsey Lewis Trio
 Ramsey Lewis - Mighty Quinn - Maiden Voyage -
 Beatles - I've Got a Feeling  The Rattles The Witch TOTP 
 Randy Pie - I Am The Joker
 The Peppers - Pepper Box  
 Jona Lewie - Stop the Cavalry
 Pat Metheny Group - San Lorenzo  
 Japan / Sons Of PioneersTin Drum 
 Belinda May - Ennio Morricone
 Dion - Ruby Baby [TV Apperance ]
 Lesley Gore- "You Don't Own Me" Live
 Frasier (The Sensuous Lion) - Sarah Vaughan with The Jimmy Rowles Quintet
 Leon Thomas et Jeri Brown - Sun Song
 Celestial Blues - Andy Bey b  
 Taken from the bootleg L.P. The Poet Who's Gone. Live Knebworth . Jim Fielder -   
The Faces - "Cindy Incidentally"
 Rod Stewart and the Faces - You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything
 Rolling Stones - Tops (tattoo you)
 The Rolling Stones Monkey Man
 willie hamilton - cheer up.AVI

 Family guy - Carpet People

 Melanie Safka - Some Say (I Got Devil)
 The Associates - Q Quarters
 Frank Pleyer - Sally
Vinyle Archéologie Crate Digging & Break Excavation   
 Mike Vickers - The Marianne 
 Iggy Pop and David Bowie - TV Eye (Live)
 Joe  90 theme (stereo mix)
 Bobby Fuller Four Music Show - 
 The Velvet Underground - New Age

 Panic in Year Zero - Shave to remain civilized. Movie clip

 The Shining - Rocky Mountain Scene  Dies irae
 Caribbean Corrie
 Stevie Wonder - Girl Blue  - Music of My Mind
 Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - Ain't That A Bitch
 Johnny Guitar Watson (I Wanna Ta Ta Ya Baby)
 Pere Ubu - Street Waves Album The Modern Dance  
 Contraband - Bondage Conrad Veidt & Valerie Hobson
 The Kinks - Fancy
 The Beatles - "Another Hard Day's Night" (instrumental)
(Arranged by Thorne) from the u.s. edition of the album "HELP!". performed NOT by the beatles,but by "George Martin Orchestra"
 Miles Davis - Great Expectations (/)
 Miles Davis - Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (/)
 You Ain't Going Nowhere - Unit4 + 2

 Susan Collard - The Recombinant Alice book
 FUNKADELIC ( Icka Prick )
 "If You Don't Love Me No More"THE JONES GIRLS
 Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
 Southside Movement-Funk Talk
 Bernard "Pretty" Purdie Ghostnotes
 Boogaloo Joe Jones - I Feel the Earth Move
 Gene McDaniels-Walk With A
 "I like the things about me that I once despised" by Wayne.Davis
 Edwin Starr - Easin' In  
 The Counts - Magic Ride   from the album "Funk Pump"
 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Deja Vu
Lyrics If I had ever been here before I would probably know just what to do Don't you? If I had ever been here before on another time around the wheel I would probably know just how to  deal With all of you. And I feel Like I've been here before Feel Like I've been here before And you know
 The Troggs - Love Is All Around

 SHE   - Through the Forbidden Door  movie clip

 I Am Spoonbender - Replaced By Toys
 I AM SPOONBENDER they don't have mirrors
 P-MODEL - ArtMania
 Queen - See What A Fool I've Been
 The Id-Boil The Kettle Mother
 Bryan Ferry - The In Crowd  - Muziek & Entertainment - video
 Neil Sedaka Demo version "Where The Boys Are" This is NEIL singing!!
 JOHN BARRY - 'ECSTASY' from 'The KNACK....'
 Etta James Trust In Me
 Tricky - Aftermath - Maxinquaye 
 Patsy Cline- Just A Closer Walk With Thee
 don gardner - i'm a practical guy
 Gil blanding SUPERB SOUND
 Velours - I'm Gonna Change
 Detroit Emeralds - Feel The Need
 Eddie Cochran Gene Vincent White lightening
Live performance, on the 'Boy meets girls' show 1959.
 Orange Juice - Rip It Up
 Darrell Banks - Open The Door To Your Heart Broken Hearted Dreamer Vol. 
 Ali Click / Brian Eno
 P.J. Proby You'll Never Walk Alone
 Brilliant - It's A Man's Man's Man's World
 Ultravox! My Sex
 Jessie James - Are You Gonna Leave Me (love this!)
 The Arcades - There's Got To be A Loser
 The Impressions I'm The One Who loves You
 The Rolling Stones - Miss Amanda Jones
 PJ Proby - ( I'M ) JUST HOLDING ON - 
 Amanda Lear - "Follow Me"
 Amanda Lear - Enigma, Give a bit of mmm to me  IMG MGMT The Nine Eyes of Google Street View Guest post by JON RAFMAN [Editor's Note IMG MGMT is an annual image-based artist essay series. Today's invited artist, Jon Rafman, lives and works in Montreal, Canada. His   work will be featured next month in the exhibition POKE!   

 Tony McManus - Desert Dance
 Tony McManus - The Sleeping Tune/ Na Gossidich
 Suzie Clark - Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
 Johnny Kidd and the Pirates - Please Don`t Touch (  )
 Family Stand - Ghetto Heaven.avi
 The MIRACLES - Love Machine/Do It Baby
 Matt McGinn - Frankie Vaughan
 Marilyn Monroe & Frankie Vaughan - Let's make love
 I'm the One - Gerry and the Pacemakers  
  willie hutch - can`t fight the power
 Shuggie Otis - Aht Uh Mi Hed
 Smiling Faces Sometimes  Temptations
 Time Has Come Today Chambers Brothers (long version)
 Saxie Russell - Psychedelic Soul
 Gene Pitney - She's A Heartbreaker..w/ LYRICS
 Stevie Wonder- Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours
 Lee Dorsey - Give It Up
 Tammi Terrell  "All I Do Is Think About You" MOTOWN-
 dilla's "time? donut of the heart  
 The Jacksons  - All I Do Is Think Of You
 Moments - To You With Love - 
 The Sylvers - Only One Can Win
 Isley Brothers - Don't Say Goodnight
 Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - A Legend In It's Own Time
 Johnny Johnson & the bandwagon "Breaking down the walls of heartache"
 Wanda Jackson - Let's Have a Party
 J DILLA - One Eleven
 Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra - Untitled / Fantastic
(A Tribute To J DILLA And True Hip-Hop)  
 Suite for Ma Dukes Orchestra ft. Dwele - Angel !  
 Suite For Ma Dukes - Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and orchestra
 Live @ The Luckman
 Patti Smith - Lo and Beholden
 The Fall - Reformation
  Patti Smith - I'm Wild About ThThing
 Patti Smith - Kimberly Live 
 kiki dee.....the day will come between sunday and monday
 Serge Gainsbourg- Cannabis [inst]
 Diana Ross and The Supremes - Love Child -  rpm - original hot mono mix
 P.J. Proby Cry like a baby
 Freddie & The Dreamers - If You Gotta Make A Fool  
 Freddie & The Dreamers  - I want to go to the Overworld (music)
  Burial - Ghost Hardware Producer Boemtjak
 Soulful Dress - Sugar Pie DeSanto
 Gram Parsons - Codine
Another Side of This Life The Lost Recordings of Gram Parsons, -   
 Gram Parsons - Hot Burrito # - Live the Avalon Ballroom
 Alan Moore on Austin Osman Spare

 Sonic Youth - Beauty Lies In The Eye
 Queenie Watts - Waterloo Sunset
 Françoise Hardy - Ces petits riens - 
 NICO - "Strip-Tease" 
 Anna   Japanese Trailer J  
 Marianne Faithfull / Hier ou demain   [HQ full-length version]
 Anna Karina - Sous Le Soleil Exactement
 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - You Only Build Me Up To Tear Me Down -
 LULU - The man who sold the world
 Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin - Ballade De Melody Nelson
 Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From  
 Elvis Presley Such a Night
Elvis live the Bloch Arena in Pearl Harbour Hawaii  .
 Reconsider Baby (Pearl Harbor Show ) - Elvis Presley 
 Madonna - Bedtime Story (Video)
 argent - it's only money part 1 and 2
 I'VE BEEN AROUND - Little Willie John - 
 Barbara Mason "Keep Him"
 the playground ....anita harris .
 Liz Lands - One man's poison
 Liz Lands & The Temptations---- Keep me
 Uncle Joe- Clancy Eccles
 The Upsetters - Soulful I - Trojan Reggae
 Desmond Dekker - Lickin' Stick - Trojan Reggae
 Dandy Livingstone - You're Coming Back - Trojan Reggae
 Here Comes ThFeeling The Gaylets
 The Pioneers-More Love
 Misery Bear - Dawn of the Ted
 Nina Simone - Don't let me be misunderstood
 Eddie Bo and Inez Cheatham-Lover and a Friend
 Kate Bush Rolling The Ball, Them Heavy People Kate Bush,  in Japan.
 Kate Bush - Them Heavy People - Revolver
  Gregory Isaacs - Slave Master (LIVE)
 Gregory Isaacs - Poor Millionaire  
 Revolution parts one and two - Nina Simone.wmv
 Gustav - We Shall Overcome (Live Pudel Hamburg)
 Alvin Cash & The Crawlers - Twine Time
 Northern Soul -Edwin Starr " Time "
 Twine time - Alvin cash '  The Slits - Ping Pong Affair
 THE SLITS improperly dressed 
 The Slits "New Town"
 David Sylvian "Sleepwalkers"
 Wilfrid Brambell - Ragtime Ragabone Man  
 The Eagles - Old Ned (Theme from Steptoe & Son)
 The Two Ronnies - A Jehosophat and Jones medley
 The New Birth - Comin' From All Ends
 Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies - We Come In Peace
 Weird War - Why Do girls...
 Bobby Conn- Never get Ahead
 timmy thomas what`s bothering me  
 The Prophet - You Fool You Fool
 The Persians Get A Hold Of Yourself
 Sherlock Holmes - Standing A Standstill
 Gwen Owens - Mystery Man
 Marv Johnson - Danger.
 Marvin L Simms Now I'm In Love With You
 Boca Livre & Milton Nascimento - Mistérios - 
 Santana - Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation
 The Rolling Stones-Claudine
 Culture -Natty Dread Taking over !  Nina y Frederick - Oh sinner man
 Deanna Durbin - The Last Rose of Summer
 Ebb Tide - Frank Chacksfield
 "The Donkey Serenade"-ALLAN JONES
 Chairmen of the Board - Skin I'm In
 Chairman Of The Board-Life + Death
 Chairmen Of The Board,Try On My Love For Size.
 Our Love Will Grow - The Showmen
 Take it Baby - The Showmen
 Give Me Just A Little More Time - The Chairman of the Board
 Chairmen of the Board - You got me Dangling on a String
 Kinky Sixties Dancing - Harry H Corbett Rattle of a Simple
 T. Rex - Baby strange
T.Rex live the Wembley Empire Pool .
 Sam*son ~ Ava Root
 Lee Dorsey - Who  .wmv
 Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can [-Stereo]
 TOM JONES LIVE in Las Vegas Medley
 Breakin' in My Heart
 B-52's dirty back road
 B-52's Give me back my man
 SPANKY AND OUR GANG coda (i'd like to get to know you)
 Polka Dots and Moonbeams - Bob Dorough
 Bob Dorough - Dog
 King Pleasure /Three Songs.
 Blossom Dearie - I'm Hip
 Dusty Springfield - whats it gonna be (V.RARE) s
 Bob Dorough /Open (in the words of Fran Landesman)
 Don Cherry/Blood Ulmer/Rashied Ali
 Lewis Sisters He's An Odd Ball
 NS KTF  Lewis Sisters You Need Me
 Take it Baby - The Showmen
 freda payne-unhooked generation
 Tony Coltons Big Boss Band - I've Laid Some Down In My Time
 Barbara Acklin - Raggedy Ride [Brunswick LP]
 creation rebel rule the nation- bard of the Five Dials    
 I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself - Dusty Springfield
 david bowie and klaus nomi_the man who sold the world SNL
Video by Irma la Dolce -   
  Grizzly Bear - Shift - A Take Away Show
 Roxy Music - Do the Strand
 Swinging Blue Jeans - You're No Good -  rpm
 Alder Ray Black - Just Because The Package Has Been Opened
 Edwin Starr - Back Street
 The Hammersmith Gorillas – Gatecrasher ( U.K. Pubrock/punk/garage )
 Pretty Things - Blow Your Mind
 Vision On Theme ( Accroche-ti Caroline! ) Claude Vasori / Caravelli
 The Noveltones - Left Bank Two - Vision On Gallery Theme.
 Voodoo Child -- Hendrix on the mandolin
 Eden Ahbez + Cole & Boone Live - Nature Boy
 T. Rex - I Really Love You, Babe
 T.Rex - Telegram Sam
 T - Rex - Mystic Lady
 Marc Bolan T Rex - PEWTOR SUITOR
 The Staple Singers - I'll Take You There
 Harry j all stars - liquidator
 Bob And Marcia - Pied Piper - Trojan Reggae rpm
 Tyrannosaurus Rex - "Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles" [']
 T rex free angel
 Marc Bolan - Strange Orchestras
 Marc Bolan - San Francisco Poet 
 Zack & Tifa - Raw Ramp (T.Rex)
 Marc Bolan The Wizard
 John's Children - The  Hour Technicolour Dream!
 John's Children - Desdemona
 T-Rex Rip Off
 Baby Strange - Marc Bolan and T.Rex
 T Rex And Marc Bolan Conasuela 
 Marc Bolan 'Eastern Spell' The Beginning of Doves
 MARC BOLAN T REX By the Light of a Magical Moon
 Thunderwing.....Marc Bolan
 T - Rex - The Slider
 SPIKE MILLIGAN - 'Wormwood Scrubs Tango' - rpm 
 Elsa Lanchester - Bawdy Cockney Songs
 Ely Cathedral Pipe Organ Wills Plays Widor
 Kenneth Connor - Come Shack Up With Me  
 Trallalero - Genoan polyphony
 lucio battisti -  settembre
 Lucio Battisti - Io Vorrei... Non Vorrei... Ma Se Vuoi...
 The Pretty Things - Mr. Evasion -  rpm
 29 Settembre - Equipe 81
 The Pretty Things - Trust
 Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'
 The McKinleys - Give Him My Love  
 The McKinleys - Someone Cares For Me  
 The McKinleys - Sweet & Tender Romance
 Simple Minds - Careful in Career demo
 Simple Minds - Swein Bullet original Demo version
 the osmonds "crazy horses"
 Slade - Darlin Be Home Soon
 Darling Be Home Soon - Lovin' Spoonful
 Marianne Faithfull - Children of Stone


Dream Sequences

I wish to collect together the sonic dream reveries of my latest peregrinations. Inspired by De Quincey of course, I felt echoings in my dream chambers as I absorbed his thoughts on the machinery of dreaming and set out the old maps and latest Google intrusions into the dipping valleys of De Quincey's walking life around the southern aspects of Old Edinburgh. As he resurrected himself from despair by reducing his prodigious dosage and also by reckoning extensive physical and mental mileage by pacing out the surrounds of his garden and entering the vortex in a protracted loop; he found himself forced to reflect in the mirror of his mind the predisposition he had for external physical calibration of a defective aspect of his dreaming, provoked by childhood trauma exposing deeper eternal human conditions and registrations.

As I perused this matter and traced the possible steps of De Quincey's regular lengthy walks from Lasswade to Edinburgh to meet with his publisher's Blackwood's, there appeared in my tissues, echoes of attempts at producing the tone of the dream state in music.

Last night in conversation with a fellow traveller as he read from his poetry inspired by the train ride home through a memorable sunset, I asked if he knew the song Pinball by Brian Protheroe and he played me the whole song from memory. A unique piece of work it epitomises for me a psychogeographic dream sequence in song.

Let us ponder over the coda of Like To Get To Know You by Spankey and His Gang arranged by Bob Dorough and Stu Scharf.

The spectral heatstroke delirium of the arrangement of Bobby Goldsboro's - Summer(The First Time)is an education in almost surreal easy listening.

If we wish to frame these sounds as dream sequences then we must consider Curt Boettcherr's production with Millennium and their Karmic Dream Sequence No 1 ( a song that lingers on in the opening of David Bowie's Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed)

Perhaps we may be able to identify and discern the qualities of these compositions: their repetitions, their lingering string arrangements and confused flurries, their distracted detours and turnoffs from the beaten paths.

Of course none of this would have appealed to De Quincey himself I guess. So far I have not discovered his relationship with music, although he did attend some opera performances. De Quincey inpired many artists and the composer Berlioz is one. Symphonie Fantastique is reputed to be based on readings of the Confessions of An English Opium Eater.

Of course film is perhap s the great dream medium of the last century and one of its greatest visionaries echoed the Dies Irae of Berlioz in his apprach to The Shining.

more art tripping: losing the plot and doing without art from tobacco to Pessoa

I thought "Art: An Enemy of The People" by Roger L Taylor was a good idea for a book. Stewart Home names it as one of his texts of inspiration. Its a tough read. It doesn't quite answer my uneasiness about Art and Class. Give it time.

Today I reviewed some of Steven Connor's work. His most recent essay on his site is called "Doing Without Art". It mentions a few people, mainly Badiou, Jean Paul Sartre and Ellen Dessanayake. The discussion veered towards concepts of Inaesthetics.

Connor's conclusion:

"What to Do Without Art

Let me conclude by stating baldly what the advantages might be of living in a world in which the notion of art had lost all its mystical and wish-fulfilling accretions and had dwindled back into the poor-but-honest condition of naming something brought about through the exercise of art or skill. There seem to me really to be three.

The first is that we might be able to pay more discriminating attention to the various constituent powers, qualities and effects that are characteristic of the different arts – narrative, imitation, organisation, and so on. Here we might be cheered by a remark of Vernon Lee’s that she hoped to ‘obtain from art all that it can give, by refraining from asking it to give what it cannot’ (Lee 1883, 13). The second is that we might be able to pay more rewarding attention to the kinds of artifice and artistry in actions and practices that are not recognised as, or only intermittently allowed to be, arts. The third is that we might be able to make out more clearly and subject to informed and informative analysis the many blunders, illusions, sleights of hand and wish-fulfilments that have constituted the long history of belief in the powers of art – along the lines of post-religious examinations of religious thinking.

Given what I said earlier about trying not only to do without art, but also to do without the sweet pathos of doing without it, it would be agreeable if this were to result, not in a permanent vigilance, or hermeneutics of suspicion, in which we kept the superstitious denunciation of art and the aesthetic stoked up into incandescence, but rather a hermeneutics of permission, in which things were allowed to be, and become, as interesting as we could make them."

I guess he is saying that all will be illuminated and not merely "the special". That, I suppose, is as close to political as his essay gets.

Part of his reference to "doing without" quotes Sartre from his War Diaries: Notebooks From a Phoney War.

"In order to maintain my decision not to smoke, I had to realize a sort of decrystallization; that is, without exactly accounting for myself for what I was doing, I reduced the tobacco to being nothing but itself – an herb which burns. I cut its symbolic ties with the world; I persuaded myself that I was not taking anything away from the play at the theater, from the landscape, from the book which I was reading, if I considered them without my pipe; that is, I rebuilt my possession of these objects in modes other than that sacrificial ceremony."

When discussing Dessayake's argument of the intrinsic human propensity to set things apart, Connor says:

"But, if Ellen Dessanayake is right, then there is, after all, a single, essential feature of art, that allows us to posit for it a particular and necessary power. Like magic, as in the operations of the placebo, ‘art’ would stand for the very belief in the power of art. I have to acknowledge that, if this is really the power of art, a power that depends upon ‘art’ precisely being empty and without consistent predicates, then we might well be a little worse off and not better off doing without it There might well, that is, be something that we would no longer be able to count on, in the same way, perhaps, as if we forgot or abandoned the use of algebra and no longer had the capacity to manipulate the emptily indeterminate x and y.

Actually, though, what we would no longer be able to count on would be the faith, or the fear, that there was only one such mode of setting things eccentrically aside from themselves, without which the world would be condemned to a dreary, serial self-similitude. What I take from the argument about art’s capacity to confer specialness is what it may intimate of the many other ways we have, and have yet to invent, for othering things from, or into themselves. And in fact, the worst thing about giving art this unique privilege of creating specialness is precisely that it seems to encourage or even require us to reduce everything that is not art to featureless clinker."

Connor refers to Badiou and others' "astonishing willingness to reinstate the mystical authority and, even more implausibly, to proclaim the political promise of the aesthetic." Reading the wiki page on Badiou, particularly the section on the Handbook of Inaesthetics, I am referred to examples from the prose of Samuel Beckett and the poetry of Stephane Mallarme and Fernando Pessoa in relation to Badiou's view of the link between philosophy and art, which he claims functions so as to "arrange the forms of knowledge in a way that some truth may come to pierce a hole in them."

Now I have found something. The Works of Fernando Pessoa were unknown to me until now. One of his works in a strange connection to Sartre's thoughts on smoking is called "Tobacco Shop"

"But now a man's gone into the Tobacco Shop (to buy tobacco?)
And the plausible reality of it all suddenly hits me.
I'm getting up, full of energy, convinced, human,
And about to write these lines, which say the opposite.

Elsewhere in "Tobacco Shop", Pessoa writing as Alvaro De Campos writes:

I am nothing.
I will never be anything.
I cannot wish to be anything.
Bar that, I have in me all the dreams of the world.
Fernando Pessoa-himself, who as another aspect of Pessoa's multipersonality heteronyms stands apart from Pessoa himself, writes in his "Autopsychography" about the theme of art and artifice:
The poet is a faker
Who's so good at his act
He even fakes the pain
Of pain he feels in fact.

All I previously knew of Pessoa was a photograph of him with Aleister Crowley in 1930. A photo I and others thought was of someone else. Some say it isn't Pessoa at all but James Joyce. It could be just another chess player.

The wonderful Journey Around My Skull blog makes mention of this:

from wiki:

"His interest in mysticism led Pessoa to correspond with the occultist Aleister Crowley. He later helped Crowley plan an elaborate fake suicide when he visited Portugal in 1930. Pessoa translated Crowley's poem "Hymn To Pan" into Portuguese, and the catalogue of Pessoa's library shows that he possessed copies of Crowley's Magick in Theory and Practice and Confessions. Pessoa also wrote on Crowley's doctrine of Thelema in several fragments, including Moral, 129-130"

Finally, our man John Gray, writes of Pessoa in Assault On Authorship:

"for the most part, Pessoa remains as he was during his lifetime: an obscure, almost inexistent figure, among whose many aliases are to be found some of the most authentic voices in European literature."

Even Gary Lachman has something to say.

counter culture currents

Today I picked up a copy of As I Walked Down New Grub Street (1981) by Walter Allen


Part of The Birmingham Group of writers of the 1930s he made the post war transition to man of letters after a few novels and is most known for his work The English Novel. Grub Street puns with its title on the hack writers and bohemians of 18th and 19th century London and the latter parts of the book describe a social set of post war London which included elements of the bohemian Fitzrovia crowd.

Fitzrovia or North Soho has always fascinated me as some prefiguring of a counterculture usually deemed to begin in the late 1950s. Certain figures straddle many eras and scenes including Augustus John, Nina Hamnett, Francis Bacon and Graham Greene. Fitzrovia, being positioned close to the BBC's buildings and the Ministry of Information in the interwar years, has classical music people merging with film people and early community theatre left-wingers like Joan Littlewood and Ewan MacColl infiltrating Children's Hour programming with socialist propaganda. Interestingly, while reading about MacColl and his surveillance by MI5, it is mentioned that he deserted from his military unit in 1941 and was invisible for the rest of the war, re-appearing at its end 4 years later and strangely being left alone by the authorities.

The characters who inhabited war time Britain who were not fighting in the services now become of some interest. Criminals and Spivs obviously come to mind and the many novels and films based on such characters. The biographies of people like Jack Spot and Billy Hill and how they ran the distribution of GI Px contraband for the black market and organised forgeries and paperwork for deserters. This was after the ruling Sabini Italian mob were busted for potential fascist infiltration, although the British mobsters were equally involved with all manner of undesirables and as Richardson gang bodyguard Mad Frankie Fraser put it, " Hitler ended the war far too early for us." The gangsters ruled the streets at that time with able-bodied police being in short supply.

Nigel Patrick as spiv bar Gorman.

Identity shifting seemed to be a factor for many not only for the criminals and dissenters but also for women. Many artists also took on new roles with the War effort channeling their need for income and employment into radically different areas voluntarily and involuntarily.

I also received a copy of Julian MacLaren-Ross' " Memoirs of the Fifties" through the post.  MacLaren-Ross was another documentor of the period and geography, while much of the times and its images were collated by Daniel Farson, an early television pioneer of the challenging documentary about changes in social habits which eruptied in the mid to late 1950s.

Radio 4 documentary on Soho for the next seven days

Another book which arrived today was Justifiable Sinners: An archaeology of Scottish Culture (1960-2000) - from Sigma and Conceptual Art to the Beltane Fire Festival and the K foundation. Edited by Ross Birrell and Alec Finlay.

I may write another entry dedicated to this book and its chronological comparisons with my own personal history after I fully digest its contents. I have taken quite large mouthfuls of it already, sometimes with the sweet before the savoury. It is short on pre 1960s references but has large sections relating to Richard Demarco. Demarco, one of the prime movers of Edinburgh arts in the 1960s has a digital archive online from which I have appropriated a rare picture of American Jim Haynes' Paperback Bookshop. Established in the University area in the late 1950s as Haynes settled into the city's arts scene, it promoted rare and censored material and was almost a branch of the Beat Movement's San Francisco based City Lights Bookshop  in Scotland.

I have a lot of information already about precursors to the common idea of 1960s UK counterculture with, in Scotland's case, the eventual public clash of Hugh MacDiarmid's Scottish Renaissance with Alex Trocchi's "cosmopolitan scum" "sodomy" exemplifying a shift in values.

What I have already learned from Justifiable Sinners is how much action and activity was so close to me in the 1980s and yet was out of reach or behind unknown doors while I viewed from the periphery of scenes. The curse of the dealer to never really play the game. To  know many people but to have no real friends. To be a connection but not be fully connected.

Confused aspects of the term English Underground.

gimme shelter

Recently I have been thinking about why I developed an interest in Beat writers and lifestyle when I was a teenager. It seems now that the Beat scene was male dominated and mostly white middle class. Herbert Huncke the prototype hustler/raconteur immortalised by early writers in the scene turns out to be a middle class dropout when all the time I thought he was a born street person. Neal Cassady is the only one who seemed to be of the "fellaheen" "other" stock which Kerouac romanticised as the salt of the earth peasant consciousness. Amir Baraka is the dominant black voice and the women writers associated with Beat were often marginalised and in one case described by Ginsberg as having a "particularity". Gary Snyder had a lapsed Marxist anarchism that he states was of working class roots noting that Buddhist studies could also learn from Western values. These Western values were the one thing they all seemed to reject and strove to form alternatives to, culminating in hippie countercultural ideas of dropping out.

I think in my case as a dissatisfied and restless 14 year old, the education and schooling I thought would release me from the day to day struggles of my environment and its industrial conditioning looked like being a deeper commitment to the capitalist program in its content. What were the options? Escaping into other ideas through stories and music and places, it was no mystery why a book with the title On The Road would appeal to a daydreaming wanderer in adult bookshops on days off from School. It didn't help that David Bowie rated these guys and that scene, so the trap was already set.

Another factor was the prospect of altering consciousness through drugs; an idea formed through observing musicians and countercultural descriptions in magazines and papers. The Sun newspaper swamped the TV advertising in the mid 70s with a series of pieces on The Beatles and their sex and drugs history. It was no big effort to grab copies of that with my Sparky comic on a Friday morning for my dad. Tony Palmer's All You Need Is Love was also running on TV and the 60s episodes were sort of mindblowing to my fragile needs. No one I knew lived like this. I would drop hints to teachers, leaving Burroughs books on my desk but their sense of responsibility made them resist my seductions. Eventually it was a guy who delivered milk who turned me on. I got a summer job with him and there was a lot of time to rap about life in the van. There was this long courting period where I learned about "cool" and was assessed. The Number one priority was could I keep my mouth shut, keep it together and pass my exams. During the waiting I found fellow inmates in search of a jailbreak and found that their sources were this other world of middle class dropouts with all these exotic new tastes. My weekends became these long trips into the Bohemian parts of town, reporting back drips and drabs to cagey schoolmates who were doing well in their "cool" studies. Eventually I got what is referred to as my "IN" to the larger freak scene in the city and the books, raps, people and lifestyle followed, BUT it jarred somewhat and was never a perfect fit. These people were not from my background and formative identifications were not shared or accepted. Like the prospect of University these were foreign situations to my family and friends and the move up the social ladder on my own was too much without support. So, I sat back and waited and waited and fell in a void, taking easy hits and affection as reasons for action.
Of course there were political realisations. Many of my more intellectual friends before all this were well read Catholics with strong Irish republican sentiments. There was a canon of working class literature of resistance, much of which I later suspected was elitist propaganda by a literary intelligentsia exploiting the rising democratic rights of the working communities. HG Wells; DH Lawrence; even George Orwell. One night in a bar as I professed the new found freak lifestyle of drugs and Beat literature, a member of the Labour Party Young Socialists called drugs "a middle class escape from reality" - a bit like the "opium of the masses" statement of Marx. This made me think for a second that there were extreme ends to the interpretations: drug free and drug induced. There was a reasoned analysis of political culture and experience and there was the random carelessness of letting go of control.
Ultimately altering the mind didn't alter the external conditions and neither did a full commitment to some exclusive political project. The answer is somewhere beyond that. Beyond identifications with Beat writers and freak lifestyles and trickle down philosophy from elitist cultural agendas.
Watching The Maysles Brothers movie about The Rolling Stones at Altamont, Gimme Shelter, I confront the mythologies of the counterculture option but ALSO witness a frightening cinema verite of what went on at that event. Male domination with Grace Slick's chant of "Easy" having no power to pacify the crowd and the Hell's Angels. The Stones, the organisation, the promotion, the security - all male. One freak "organiser" calling the massive tailback of parked cars chaos but also an "experiment" in new living. Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead instantly quitting the scene when hearing of the Hell's Angels hitting a Jefferson Airplane band member, with the words, "So that's how it is". The most obvious victim of this chaos of dreaming and reneged responsibility being a black street hustler on methamphetamine at the hands of an equally victimised Outlaw force "employed" by a band of perfomers out of their depth in the prison of a Festival machine experiment going off the rails as it tries and fails to change the System by avoiding understanding the System.
I mention this film and event because it means something to me now. Perhaps a personal "Altamont" of seeing that dreams really are over and hard reality needs to be faced and understood and worked with, unravelling the demons of delusion that were mere escape and deflected engagement with conditions - the conditions of my formative years which led me to today.


I just watched Timothy Dalton in a TV drama called Framed.

A typical Lynda la Plante crime twister about a British con being extradited back to Britain to turn informer. The police are one dimensional but this just leaves space for a character study of David Morrissey, the policeman on holiday who found the Timothy Dalton character and Dalton's sophisticated villain.

Thrown together in a custody cell for a few weeks for observation, Dalton begins to probe Morrissey's character and lifestyle and influences him to change. What happens is almost a love story as Morrissey, dissatisfied with his career, lifestyle and marriage takes to Dalton's new age diet, personality and attitudes.

There are no real homosexual hints, although there is some macho sharing over work-outs and boxing. Morrissey seems to change with the wild rice and salads he eats and comes to admire Dalton, eventually needing his approval as he buys new cashmere suits to impress him. In a sense he wants to consume the object of his affection, merging with his influence. A new desire is awakened in him switching off his relationship with his wife, and because this is not a homosexual seduction, Dalton throws him the bone of one of his girlfriends played by Penelope Cruz. You cannot have me physically, but you can have my lover.

Like many love affairs there is a giving in to impression, inspired by chronic discontent. Someone fills the repressed longing. There is care and charming consideration which at times is obviously manipulation. There are many elements to grooming from clothes and deodorant up to playing someone like a chess piece and creating their future moves. So all the negatives of this adoration are played out too, examining trust and commitment and the fear of manipulation and deceit. On both sides.

A good psychodrama always has me considering its aspects days after viewing. I am still trying to find Buckwheat ricecakes after hearing Dalton complain that they were not delivered in his shopping. His hypnotic influence was that pervasive.

Well Done Lynda. Great stuff!